Health Will Compensate Madrid With More Vaccines After Readjusting Distribution To Mark1199

Health Will Compensate Madrid With More Vaccines After Readjusting Distribution To Mark1199. The Community of Madrid should receive more than 136,000 additional doses of vaccines in the readjustment that the Ministry of Health will undertake with the extra contingent of Moderna that Spain is expected to receive between July and August.

Part will be to compensate the “deficit” of vaccines that some communities have based on their total population and another will go to compensate communities that have been vaccinating non-residents . This is the case in particular of the Valencian Community, which claims 100,000 doses from the department of Carolina Darias for which it has supplied “displaced” people, who are largely on vacation in its territory.

That the coronavirus pandemic has mercilessly hit Spanish society was a well-known fact. What we did not know is the magnitude that it has reached, especially in 2020, the year of its outbreak on a global scale.

The pandemic pushes millions of Spaniards into severe poverty: more than 2.5 cannot eat meat or fish three times a week
Darias informed this Wednesday to the advisers in the Interterritorial Health Council of the extraordinary distribution of vaccines that he proposes to do with the other doses that will arrive from Moderna and that will mainly benefit the Valencian Community and other highly populated communities to cover the difference between the doses that received at the beginning of the vaccination process -when the distribution criterion was the oldest inhabitants- and the total population criterion that is now taken into account, based on the population certified by the National Institute of Statistics (INE).

“The increases in the arrival of vaccines with respect to the quantities initially foreseen will be destined to the communities that are slightly below their population ratio,” explained Darias, who reported that the dose distribution criterion has been changed. , which is no longer based on the number of people to be vaccinated at any given time due to their age group or other circumstances – “target population” – but rather based on the total population of each community.

Darias ‘rescues’ the Community with the reimbursement of the doses of vaccine that have put non-residents on vacation
Regarding the increase in the arrival of vaccines, he was referring to Moderna , which already this July has expanded its deliveries from 414,000 planned every week to 474,000. In August, they will rise to 900,000 each week and in September the Government expects to distribute another 1.2 million doses among the communities.

In this double readjustment of the distribution of vaccines, the Community of Madrid would have to close a hole of some 136,400 doses, which is the difference between the quota of 13% of the total of vaccines that it has been receiving so far, as indicated in the Ministry of Health, and the 14.2% that would correspond to it by population.

This is a “deficit” of 1.2% of the vaccines distributed , which exceed 136,000 at a time when the Madrid government is demanding more doses – from Pfizer in particular – to continue with the vaccination and justifies the lack of vaccines having to stop the self-citation system.

A health worker vaccinates a woman on the first day of vaccination at the stadium, who wanted another worker to immortalize the moment. So did the media that attended the premiere of the ‘vacunadrome’.

Health will alleviate the deficit of vaccines in Andalusia after changing the distribution criteria: they must receive 340,000 more doses
Following this same calculation of the difference between the percentage of total vaccines received and the percentage of the population, Andalusia and the Valencian Community should also receive tens of thousands of compensation doses, while Catalonia would remain the same, since until now it has received, 16.1% of the almost 54 million vaccines that have been distributed, which is the same percentage of its population with respect to that of the whole of Spain.

The demand for more doses by the Junta de AndalucĂ­a to the Ministry is also recurrent and taking into account its population, almost 340,000 doses are ‘owed’ to it , since so far it has received 17.2% of the doses distributed -9 , 3 million- and its population is 17.9% of the Spanish inhabitants, according to the INE.

Vaccination of vacationers
In the case of the Valencian Community, Health should compensate for a deficit of almost 180,000 doses, the difference between the 5.5 million it has received -10.2% of the total- and the fact that it represents 10.6% of the Spanish population . But in addition to this amount, the Valencian government expects to receive the around 100,000 doses that, “unilaterally” according to the Health Council of another community, decided to start placing among people who were going to spend at least a month in the Comunitat and obtained a “displaced” card. To a large extent, people on vacation from other communities.

This way of proceeding led other communities to demand a coordinated plan from Darias so that citizens could be vaccinated in their vacation spot that never prospered, due to the refusal of the minister and other autonomies.

However, the extra dose of Moderna that will be received in July and August will also serve to compensate for these doses administered to citizens of other communities. The main beneficiary will predictably be the Valencian Community because it was the first to start vaccinating displaced people in the summer and the one that quantified the number of doses dedicated to it -about 100,000 a few weeks ago-, which it expected Health to reimburse.

Andalusia and Murcia were more cautious , who after verifying that there was not going to be a common plan also began to vaccinate displaced people – people who are more than a month old – and who also await compensation for the inoculated doses.

Murcian Government sources recall that they asked the Ministry for a “common protocol” that “allows tourists to be vaccinated” and that “in the meantime, there is a Displaced Persons Protocol”, according to which “anyone can request this card and that a family doctor be assigned to him in his nearest health center, and thus request the vaccination “. Depending on your length of stay, you will be given a dose or two.

” We have crossed health cards of the communities with the vaccines in place and there are communities that present positive and negative balances,” explained Darias this Wednesday, when he announced that he will raise a proposal to the Interterritorial Council next week to settle these deficits with the vaccines of more to come.

However, the minister made it clear that this is not supposed to give a free pass to communities or citizens to get vaccinated wherever the moment of receiving the first or second dose catches them. “It has nothing to do with a plan to vaccinate displaced people in the summer”, but rather to “regulate those negative balances” that have been generated so far, Darias said, indicating that it will be something specific, despite the fact that the Community does not plan stop vaccinating people who get their ID card. “It’s about doing a kind of new account to balance,” said Darias.

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