Maren Morris Takes Jab at Tucker Carlson

Maren Morris Takes Jab at Tucker Carlson

Maren Morris received the Excellence in Media Award at the 2023 GLAAD Media Awards in New York. As she ascended the stage to accept the honor, the singer-songwriter discussed her conflict with former Fox News personality Tucker Carlson. Morris got into a fight with social media star Brittany Aldean, the wife of country artist Jason Aldean, back in September 2022.

Morris was speaking out in opposition to a transphobic message that Brittany had posted. When Carlson gave the influencer a platform, both used it to poke fun at Morris, labeling her a “lunatic,” which the singer claims gave her more confidence.

Morris admitted that she may have felt a little badass when Tucker Carlson called her a “lunatic” for opposing transphobia, but she later made the statement into a T-shirt and raised $150,000 for LGBTQ+ organizations. “That gave me a slight sense of coolness, but I don’t want to boast. I never disrespect those who have recently lost their jobs.

Last month, Carlson was fired by Fox News in what was purported to be a consensual decision. The network’s decision to settle Dominion Voting Systems’ defamation claim for $787.5 million and the departure of the television personality happened at the same time.

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Morris also discussed how the LGBTQ+ community welcomed her in junior high and why coming out against transphobia is not brave in her address. “I have heard countless times over the years that I’m one of the brave voices in country music, but that is not true,” she stated. I’m not bold, however, I may be stubborn to the point of delusion.

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It shouldn’t require courage or bravery to make the right choice.  Wanting fundamental equality for everyone shouldn’t require valiant effort. I’m OK; I’m a heteros*xual, white woman. But risking your life simply by walking down the street while knowing that you could face violence for being who you are, is bravery.

Watch the embedded video below to see Morris’ whole acceptance speech.


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