PUMA MB.01 Grey Red Release Date

PUMA MB.01 Grey Red Release Date

The iconic N.B.A. Rookie LaMelo Ball’s sneakers, by Puma, will be dropped next month! Fans have geared up for the launch of PUMA MB.01 has been announced. The three upcoming new colourways have garnered the attention of the brand’s fans. There is also news reported that there will be a collab and a themed pair!

LaMelo Ball’s first signature PUMA Hoops shoe, the PUMA MB.01, looks just as good to wear and will deliver excellent performance, and nothing else can beat it. The intriguing blend of colours comes together with the latest PUMA Hoops tech, the Nitro Foam, and, in particular, engineered interweave, to make the pair of kicks that are just one of a kind.

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PUMA MB.01 Grey Red Release Date

Puma announced the drop of the new PUMA MB.01 on February 18, 2022! Fans have reacted in a very positive way and seem beyond elated for the drop. The new collection of sneakers will be made available to purchase on the official website of Puma and in all the selected retail stores of the brand.

PUMA MB.01 Grey Red

The PUMA MB.01 will have BUZZ CITY launched on February 2, 2022, with the rest following on the 18th.

These new sneakers come in light and dark grey shades, where the red contrasts the upper part. This colour code is also a part of the branding of PUMA MB.01 Grey Red that has sneaker’s, as mentioned, iconic flames and wings at the ankle collar and has become a style of LaMelo Ball.

It depicts Mello himself. He explains that it is pretty much is like a golden child with an angel in there. The ‘1’ in the logo represents our Mello, and the wings are like an angel. The price of the sneakers is reported to be 125$ at the given stores.

The collection has three different shoes, and each is so special or, as the makers call it, RARE.

They are the Rick and Morty collab, the homage to Hornets- ‘Buzz City’ dropping on February 2, 2022, and a straightforward grey and red style, leaving fans stunned.

The collection is just art as the first show, collaborating with one of the most famous cartoons loved by both children and adults. It has the right shoe in neon green and yellow colours and the left shoe in a sweeter or rose-like assortment of neon red and has mini portraits of Rick and Morty.

With M.E.L.L.O. inscribed on them, this colourful mismatch of the pair will be a solid 10 out of 10. The second PUMA MB.01 collection pair is the BUZZCITY and is astronomical!

It features black and bright teal colour mixtures. The blocking of colour is to highlight the signature’ wings’ logo and has an extraordinary galaxy print on the insole. The ‘RARE’ hits are out beyond under the translucent outsoles. The ‘Buzz City’ pair is speculated to accompany full apparel set like the Rick and Morty collaboration pair.

Finally, the Authentic sneakers are presented in a new grey and red style as the third pair of the new PUMA MB.01. With the shades of grey and red, this two-tone pair will be a brand new hit by M.E.L.L.O. and Puma as fans have grown a liking toward this distinctive yet straightforward pair. They all have a 3D-printed upper body, which gives the shoes the signature feel as they look, out of the world.

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Puma has uploaded these new kicks and how they look on its official website. We already love it! The shoes are defined as one of a kind, as-built out of Nitro Foam for enhanced responsiveness and relief while wearing it. These comfortable pairs are lightweight and simply the best for a high-energy session.

Providing Full coverage non-slip rubber for enhanced durability and footing, it is supreme for cuts and jumpers. Designed to fit us like the glass- sandal of cinderella, the disruptive upper body is made with breathable mono mesh, giving you the excellent Puma fit and experience.

So, get ready to take on the world with these new PUMA MB.01 and be forever faster dropping this February.

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