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On June 4, 1999, our hero, Race Thompson, entered the world. Originally from the USA, his birthplace was Plymouth, Minnesota. In 2023, he will turn 23. Both his given name and surname have contributed to his fame. In 2017, he was a senior at Armstrong High School on the IU campus.

Rising basketball star Race Thompson is at the top of discussions, so fans are searching for Race Thompson’s parents because he is a key forward for the Indiana Hoosiers. Find out who Race Thompson’s parents are in this blog.

Here’s the link to Race Thompson’s profile.

Race Thompson Parents & Ethnicity:

The Race Thompson’s mother and father are the first members of his family to be searched online. Everyone is curious about his background, so they look up his name and age. American basketball player Race Thompson presently sports the #25 jersey for the Indiana Hoosiers.

Race Thompson was born and raised in Minnesota, where his family has a long history of sports success. His dad played running back for the Vikings, and his name is Darrell Thompson. Before being selected in the 1990 NFL Draft, Thomson set a school record for rushing yards.

Mother Thompson, or Stephanie Thompson. She participated in volleyball at Iowa. He has two sisters, both collegiate volleyball players: Dominique Thompson at Wisconsin and Indigo Thompson at San Diego State. True Thompson, the sibling’s football player, attends the University of Minnesota.

Source: Fresherslive

Here’s the link to Race Thompson’s dad’s profile.

Father’s Name: Darrell Thompson
Mother Name: Stephanie Thompson

Thompson Race Brother

Many people have also been curious about the identity of Race Thompson’s brother. Thompson Bros. Race True Thompson is a quarterback for the Gophers. A lot of people want to know Race Thompson’s age. This is where the dude may find out his actual age.

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Thompson Race Age Today

Thompson may proudly claim the age of 22. Young as a basketball player he is. Several people felt affection for him. For the time being, his salary and benefits are also confidential.

It’s safe to assume that, as a rising athlete and celebrity, He earns a substantial sum from his contests.

Proud Parents

Darrell and Stephanie Thompson are proud of Race’s work and are pleased to call him their son. Darell is a well-known ex-football player who suited up for the Greenbay Packers of the National Football League for about five seasons.

He inherited his athleticism from his mother, Stephanie Smith, who played volleyball at the University of Iowa for almost three years. At this time, we suppose they are the primary inspiration for all of their children, but notably for their youngest son, Race, to pursue careers in various sports.

Darell’s Instagram proves that they make a cute couple because they enjoy exploring new areas.

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