Kyle Rittenhouse says he is destroying the AR-15 rifle he used in Kenosha and doesn’t want anything to do with it

Kyle Rittenhouse stated that the AR-15 weapon he fired in Kenosha will be destroyed. In this article, you will find all the statements and latest news regarding the famous gunshot scandal related to Rittenhouse.

On November 30, Rittenhouse, 18, stated the handgun was “being destroyed right now” while in an interview on the republican webcast “The Charlie Kirk Show.”

“We don’t want to be associated with it,” Rittenhouse told Kirk, the podcast host.

Last August, Rittenhouse appeared in court for gunning down Joseph Rosenbaum and Anthony Huber, as well as wounding Gaige Grosskreutz, during Black Lives Matter rallies in Kenosha, Wisconsin.  Yet he was found innocent in all 5 felonies he was charged with, as well as the first deliberate killing.

Rittenhouse chastised Thomas Binger, the Assistant District Attorney for sticking his hand on the button during a courthouse presentation, stating that it is not “Gun Safety 101.”

“He was aiming a pistol at the theatre, and I looked at my attorney,” Rittenhouse said, indicating to Corey Chirafisi, one of the attorneys on his prosecution team. “‘Corey, that’s Gun Safety 101,’ I said. Handle a weapon as though it’s armed, whether it’s filled or not.”

However, during interviews, Rittenhouse also stated that while he was younger, he wanted to become a detective.

“I always intended to be a cop,” Rittenhouse said, “to be able to help the people when they’re having a difficult day.”

From the Kenosha demonstration, photographs of the man clutching an AR-15-style rifle are commonly found. He said he was attempting to safeguard properties following turmoil and shot the handgun in self-defence after seeing Blake’s gunshot.

“My rationale for taking the stand was I wanted the world to know who the real Kyle Rittenhouse was,” he said of his decision to testify.

It is indeed uncertain whatever Rittenhouse would be doing now that he’s been acquitted. He claimed to be attending academic programs at Arizona State University throughout his statement, however, the institution acknowledged the other week that he was not officially enrolled. 

Rittenhouse was pulled from virtual classrooms this week by students at the 

institution, who described him as a “high-profile right-wing fascist symbol.”

Rittenhouse reportedly met several prominent republicans over the past two weekends  At Mar-a-Lago, he dined with previous President Donald Trump and also was profiled by Fox News personality Tucker Carlson. Rittenhouse has been most currently involved in a QAnon controversy after making statements against attorney Lin Wood, claiming that he dismissed Wood because of his QAnon views and electoral cycle unsubstantiated claims.

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