Rush Hour 4

Rush Hour 4 Release Date, Cast, Plot, Trailer

90s kids’ childhood is incomplete without Rush Hour movies. This is because of Jackie Chan and Chris Tucker’s unusual duo, who have given the audience stellar content throughout the three films. And more than two decades have passed since the movie first got released, but the hype of the franchise is so unmatched that people are still anticipating Rush Hour 4. But are the directors willing to continue with the franchise? And if so, when will Rush Hour 4 be released?

There have been many ups and downs regarding the renewal. In 2017, Chan confirmed that the 4th part of Rush Hour was under work; his co-star also confirmed this news. But a few years laterTTucker’s management team denied all rumours of Tucker featuring in Rush Hour 4, which was quite disappointing for fans. The film was scheduled to come out in 2018, but due to some unknown reasons, it never made the final cut”W” We’re working on a few things on the script right now, we were trying to get into production, but we’re working on it and trying to get it going. Jackie Chan wants to do it; I want to do it, the studio wants to do it, we’re trying to get it together”,” Tucker explained.

The trilogy has, up till now, collected a decent revenue of almost $1 billion! So, we know why the studio is working so hard to get the old cast back together. And as days pass, Rush Hour 4 is surprisingly getting nearer to us. 

Rush Hour 4

Rush Hour 4 Release Date

The Rush Hour movies started their journey in 1998 and ended it in 2007. With this long gap in the release of the 4th part, we are not sure when Rush Hour 4 will come out. Firstly there are no solid proofs of the directors working on the movie. Secondly, the two main actors have a hectic schedule. It clashed with the possibilities of Rush Hour 4 happening.

But if the film is to come, then most likely it will follow the traditional summer release. As the production for the film hasn’t started yet, nothing can be said about its release date. But most likely, it will come out in 2023. Sododon’t expect Rush Hour 4 to release any time soon!

Rush Hour 4 Cast

Even though the official lineup for Rush Hour 4 is not out yet, we are sure that the excellent duo of Chief Inspector Lee and Detective James Carter is bound to return. Other than them, it’s rather complicated to predict other cast members because, throughout the three films, only Jackie Chan and Tucker were constant” “Me and Jackie Chan are talking about doing something new and something different, we’ll see. Hopefully, we’ll get something going real soon”,” said Tucker in an interview. 

So, there are high chances of seeing the new emerging talented actors in Rush Hour 4. But if the producers decide to continue with the original cast for nostalgia, then you can expect the following cast members to return:

  • Tzi Ma as Ambassador Solon Han 
  • SoloHaHan’s daughter Soo-Yung Han

Now, if we talk about behind the camera crew, most likely, Brett Ratnewowon’t return as a director because of the numerous sexual harassment allegations filed against himWeWe’ll know more about the casting details once the production for the film begins. 

Rush Hour 4 Plot

We don’t have any significant leads on the plot of Rush Hour 4 either. The screenwriter for the story has not disclosed anything yet. But the upcoming 4th part will likely continue with the legacy of the three preceding films. Or maybe this time, the story will be set in the future.

If Rush Hour 4 continues with the storyline of the previous parts, then get ready to see Lee and Carter solving a new mysterious case. And, of course, amidst all this chaos, they’ll also be entertaining us with their top-tier banter. 

Rush Hour 4 Trailer

There is no released footage for Rush Hour 4. The main reason is obviously that the production has not begun yet. But you can expect the trailers or even teasers to start dropping in mid or late 2022. So, keep an eye out for them!

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