Bart Scott Net Worth

Bart Scott Net Worth : Biography, Career , Early Life and More Updates!

Bart Scott was born on August 18, 1980, in Detroit, Michigan. A linebacker in the National Football League who played for the Baltimore Ravens in 2006 and was chosen for the Pro Bowl. After seven years with the Ravens, he spent 2009 to 2012 with the New York Jets. He was picked up by the Baltimore Ravens, where he played with linebacker Ray Lewis, who was an all-pro. At Southeastern High School, he played both linebacker and running back. He had 76 tackles and led the team in rushing.

He is one of the most successful football players, according to Popular Bio. He is one of the well-known people who were born on August 18, 1980. He was born in Michigan and is one of the richest football players in the world. He is also on the list of the Most Popular Football Players. Bart Scott is 38 years old and is one of the famous people in our database.

Who is Bart Scott?

Bartholomew Edward Scott is Bartholomew Scott’s full name. He is an American football player who played linebacker for eleven seasons in the National Football League. On August 18, 1980, he was born. After playing college football, he was signed as an undrafted free agent by the NFL’s Baltimore Ravens in 2002. Scott was chosen for the Pro Bowl in 2006. He played for the Ravens for seven years. Then, in 2009, he signed with the New York Jets. Bart Scott’s net worth in 2016 was $7 million. He also worked as a National Football League analyst for CBS.

What Bart Scott is Worth

Sources say that Bart Scott’s net worth in 2017 is about $8 million. He also worked for a television channel, which paid him $2 million per year. Some people say that Bart Scott is worth $5 million, but that is not true.

Bart Scott Early Life

Scott got in to Detroit’s Southeastern High School. His coach was Drake Wilkins, and he played running back and linebacker on the football team. Reinard Davis, who was his assistant coach, remembered that Bart Scott gave 110% on every snap and never got up. Scott had 76 tackles by the time he was a senior.

More colleges sent letters of interest, but because Scott’s SAT scores were low, they were hesitant to offer him a scholarship. Later, Scott did better on his tests to make sure he was eligible. During July workouts for a Michigan high school all-star game, Scott was great on the field. Coach Bryan Masi was interested in him. Masi spoke with Dan Enos. Enos was his friend, and he worked at Southern Illinois as an assistant coach. Scott Bart was given a scholarship by the staff at Southern Illinois.

Scott talks with students at Southern High School every year. He also bought new uniforms and equipment in 2005. In 2007, Scott gave money to improve the weight room. He also gave money to put in new bleachers at the school because the old ones had been stolen.

Bart Scott College Career

The Southern Salukis football team’s linebacker was Bart Scott. Scott has kicked off the team for the last six games of his junior year after he got into a fight with the defensive coordinator, Michael Vit.

He told Scott off for eating in the middle of the meeting. At the end of the year, the whole coaching staff was fired, and Jerry Kill was named the new head coach. Kill was impressed by Scott, who he called “a captain and leader.” During his senior year, Scott led the team with 127 tackles and 5.5 sacks. Kill told many NFL teams about Scott’s skills, but only the Baltimore Ravens sent a scout to check him out. The scout liked Scott, and in 2002, Scott signed a contract with the Baltimore Ravens. Scout went back to Southern University in 2005 to finish his education. He got a degree in economics. Scott was then put on the ballot for the Southern Illinois Hall of Fame.

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Bart Scott Profesional Career

During his first three years in Baltimore, Scott was one of the best on special teams. In his first year, he played in all 16 games and had five tackles and one interception on defense. He also had 17 tackles on special teams, which tied him for the most on the team.

NFL Debut

Scott played his first game in the NFL for the Carolina Panthers on September 8, 2002. The next season, he played in all 16 games and one postseason game. On defense, Scott made nine tackles and picked up one fumble. His 19 special teams tackles put him in second place on the team. During the 2004 season, he played in 13 games and had 17 tackles on special teams. He also had five sacks as a safety and linebacker.

Bart Scott Net Worth
Bart Scott Net Worth

Ray Lewis hurt his hamstring during the 2005 season, which gave Scott a lot of playing time. He took part in all 16 games and started ten of them. Scott had 119 tackles, two forced fumbles, one fumble he picked up, four sacks, and four passes defended by the end of the season.

Deal with the Ravens

He signed a $13.5 million deal with the Baltimore Ravens for three years and turned down an offer from the Cleveland Browns. Scott had a career-high 135 tackles, two interceptions, nine passes defended, and 9.5 sacks by the end of the season.

Scott was a backup player at the Pro Bowl in Hawaii. He took the place of his teammate Ray Lewis. He was chosen for the 2nd All-Pro team by the Associated Press. Scott also played in all 16 games for the All-Pro team’s second season. He made 131 tackles, stopped three passes, and got one sack.

Jets of New York

In 2009, Scott became a free agent. Both the New York Jets and the Baltimore Ravens wanted Scott. Scott agreed to stay with the Jets for another year when they asked him to. Scott signed the $48 million deal for six years on February 27, 2009. In his first season with New York, Scott played in all games and ended the year with 92 tackles and a sack.

In a game for the AFC Divisional Playoff on January 16, 2011, the New York Jets beat the New England Patriots. Sal Paolantonio from ESPN came up to Scott after the game to talk to him. After the interview video was put on YouTube, it was seen by a lot of people. On March 3, 2011, the Jets lost the AFC Championship to the Pittsburgh Steelers.

Scott grew up in an area with a lot of drugs and not a lot of money on the east side of Detroit. Scott got advice from his grandmother, his parents, Dorita Adams and Bart Capers, Gwendolyn Pippen Osborne, and Drake Wilkins, his high school coach. Curtice and Dawnyell, who were his sisters, also helped him.

Scott Bart is married to Darnesha, and the two of them have two kids. Bartholomew and Gisele are their names. Scott doesn’t want his son Bartholomew to play football because of the risk of concussions.


Scott has been fined twice, which has had a big effect on how much money Bart Scott has. In the fourth quarter of the Monday Night Football game against the New England Patriots on December 3, 2007, he was punished for acting in a bad way. Scott was fined the second time after he picked up and threw the official’s flag from the first call.

After the game, his teammate Samari Rolle said that the officials had used rude language. In his last year with Baltimore, Scott again played in all 16 games and had 104 tackles, five passes defended, and 1.5 sacks.

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