SWAT Season 5

SWAT Season 5: What to Expect From the Upcoming Series

SWAT Season 5, the most anticipated fan of the fan-favourite CBS show, is finally happening. It got its name from a show of the same name from 1975. The developers Shawn Ryan and Aaron Rahsaan Thomas make a great team and have made an excellent TV show that has been extremely popular among the masses. The show hit television screens in 2017, with its most recent season airing in November 2020.

The show has amassed quite a fanbase over the years. Season after season, the show keeps getting better and better. It seems that the people who like the crime drama genre are rapidly growing. Well, let’s get back to the main topic, shall we as a new season for SWAT seems to be in the works. Let’s talk about it.

SWAT Season 5 Release Date

Finally, some good news for the fans, SWAT season 5 will release on October 1st, 2021. Yes, you read that right, it’s next month. That gives the fans ample time to binge on the previous 4 seasons and catch up with things you missed. Season 5 of SWAT will contain 18 episodes, and the episodes will be released week after week and will probably go into 2022. The latest season will be split into 2 parts. Still, there is no news on how this will play out, but the showrunners will let us know how they plan on dividing the season into 2 parts.

Finally, the show will also be available on Netflix and other streaming platforms. Be sure to keep an eye out on October the 1st.

SWAT Season 5
“Vagabundo” — Coverage of the CBS series S.W.A.T., scheduled to air on the CBS Television Network. Photo: Pepe Molina/© 2021 Sony Pictures Television

SWAT Season 5 Cast

The main characters throughout the previous seasons are going to make a return in season 5 of SWAT. Major cast members who are returning are,

  • Shemar Moore as Daniel Harrelson,
  • Jay Harrington as David Kay,
  • Kenny Johnson as Dominic Luca,
  • Lina Esco as Christina Alonso,
  • Patrick St. Esprit as Robert Hicks,
  • David Lim as Victor Tan,
  • Alex Russell as Jim Street,
  • David De Santos as Rodrigo Sanchez,
  • Amy Farrington as Piper Lynch,
  • and Ray Strachan as Devin.

Some new and minor characters will make appearances in the very much awaited season.

SWAT Season 5 Trailer for season 5

Unfortunately, there has been no news or sign of any trailer for the highly anticipated SWAT season 5. But, as the show has a release date of October 2021, there is still hope. Fans can expect the trailer to come out in September as it’s the only month left between now and October. 

Still, we do not have a date, so we’re just guessing over here. There will certainly be a teaser to build up hype to let fans know what to anticipate from the upcoming season. So, keep your eyes open for that. Fret not, because as soon as the trailer is out, we’ll definitely let you know!

SWAT Season 5 Plot

In the previous seasons, the story highlighted quite a few problems between the Americans and Africans. As the situation escalated, sergeant Hando was demoted. We get to see a lot of situations where Hando faces discrimination based on his colour. This scared the fans very much and led them to believe that he would leave the force. At least, that was how the story was playing out.

However, in the new season, we will see how Hando deals with a lot of this. The writers say that there will be major character development for Hando, and he will play a major role in the upcoming seasons compared to the previous ones.

Furthermore, another major character Luca will get a lot more screen time, and there will be certain developments in his character that the writers think fans will like.

Just like we saw in the last season, the tension was high between the swats and the city’s people. The team could be seen working overtime to resolve the issues, but a certain event is likely to escalate the situation in the American-African revolts.

The next season will take off where season 4 ends and will likely show the team deal with the aftermath. The start of the season will most likely show the team investigating the police station bombing.

The next season is going to be a very critical part of the Swat’s lives. The season will be full of thrill and action-packed moments that you guys are going to love for sure.

So, are you all set for the SWAT season 5? Let us know in the comments section below.

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