Brutal Legend 2

Brutal Legend 2: Is it Coming?

There is much anticipation for Brutal Legend 2, but nobody knows when it will be released. We have compiled all the facts on this Xbox game here. Keep reading to explore every aspect related to the game.

An action-adventure video game, Brütal Legend, is based on real-time strategy elements. The action game was released in 2009 in Australia, Europe, and North America. Double Fine Electronic and Arts created it for the PlayStation 3, and Xbox 360 were the publishers. This game was supposed to be published by Vivendi Games, but the merger of Activision and Vivendi Games forced them to drop the game. Lastly, it got the home when Double Fine Electronic came into the picture. But the journey for the game was not easy, as the matter took to court, but later it was settled on mutual agreement.

After all these troubles, in February 2013. Mac OS X and Linux versions of this adventure game were made available for the players. In October 2014, IndieBox released the physical collector’s edition for Windows and Mac OS X.As we know, a month back, the developer of the game Double Fine came out with a new match Psychonauts 2, with which the fans started wondering for Brutal Legend 2. When will it be out? What do the developers have in their minds? The questions are endless. Let us find all the details here.

Brutal Legend 2 Release Date Updates

When Schafer, the co-founder and head of Double Fine Electronic, was asked about the company’s following projects many after Psychonauts 2, he somewhat hinted towards the approval. He was asked whether the company would look at Brutal Legend 2 as a next project? Though Schafer did not take a clear stand for it, he replied

Brutal Legend 2

(It would be a challenging project to create for a handful of reasons. “That’s a tricky one. I feel some emotional barriers towards that because I like the multiplayer aspect, and people were so crabby about the RTS elements,” Schafer added. “I’m like, wow, which game do we make? Do we make the game I want to make, or do we make the fans ask for one? It’s tricky to solve that problem.”)

(He added, “My goal is just to play Brutal Legend every Rocktober 13th until the world learns how great the game is,” Schafer said of a tradition that Double Fine has to celebrate the title’s anniversary each year.”)

From this, the fans did not get a clear picture as it looks like there are still many issues involved in the game’s development. Hence, the team is looking for some other projects. It is pretty sure that the team still knows about the popularity of Brutal, which treated the possibility for Brutal Legend 2. But with this conversation, it can be concluded that BL2 is not the team’s next venture, so for that, we have to wait a bit longer.

Brutal Legend 2 Gameplay

As we know, Brütal Legend is an action-adventure game. It incorporates the real-time strategy elements, which the players enjoyed. It uses an open world of 40 square miles (100 km2) in area. Eddie Riggs is a roadie who got transported into a themed fantasy world. There are many features along with many-sorted toolkits. The tools can be used separately as well as in combination to take out Eddie’s does. Overall, one has to strategise appropriately to go to the final round of the game.

Release Date of Brutal Legend 2

Well, we know that the sequel did not receive the green signals from the developers yet. So there is no release date for part 2. If we believe some reports, there are fewer chances that the company will take the project in the coming days. If it comes to popularity, its demand is pretty high, and fans sent even many requests for BL2 to the developers, of which Schamer hinted. At this point, we have to wait for the announcement of part 2.

Expected Release Date of Brutal Legend 2

If we consider the recent interview of the co-founder of Double Fine, the second part of the game will take a long time as he did not hint at its arrival soon. But can not rule out the possibilities of BH2 as its demand is still relatively high. There have been no hints on the game’s development, implying that it had not started yet. If the developers think of taking this project in the coming days, it will take a long.

As it would require at least a couple of years for the final touch. Hence it could be made available in 2023 or 2024. Depending on the scenario, it could take more time as well. As there are mere speculations based on facts. So, the fans out there have to wait patiently for part 2. Moreover, we expect the official announcement on the same before that.

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