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Is There Going to be a Release Date For Zombies 4 or is This Series Over?

Disney has not announced Zombies 4, so this may be the last time we see Addison, Zed, and the rest of the citizens of Seabrook.

In the third film, aliens invade and put Addison and Zed’s relationship through even more rigors. Naturally, their love endured till the end, even when Addison learned the truth about herself and considered abandoning Earth forever.

Disney has named Zombies 3 the “third and last installment,” so even though an animated series is in the works, this may be the end for Zeddison. Please accept my apologies.

Unlike Zombies 2, the threequel does not end on a cliffhanger, but that doesn’t mean there won’t be a fourth installment. That being said, could a Zombies 4 materialize? Let’s examine what happened in the third film and make predictions about what might happen next.

Significant spoilers await if you haven’t seen Zombies 3 yet.

Will the events in Zombies 3 lead to Zombies 4?

In Zombies 3, Zed’s primary objective is to enroll in Mountain College as its first zombie student, thereby paving the way for other monsters to do so as well now that Seabrook is a safe refuge for them.

Utopian-seeking aliens, whose home planet has been destroyed, have arrived in Seabrook and put a wrench in the master plan. Within the “most valuable item” in Seabrook is a time capsule left by a scout who crash-landed there decades ago.

Zed and Addison assist the aliens in finding the coordinates in exchange for the aliens’ assistance with Zed’s exceptional student applying to college. They correct the scout’s note, which turns out to have been left by Addison’s grandma, Angie.

There you go. Addison is not a human cheerleader, as hinted in the Zombies 2 cliffhanger. She’s not from around here.

She went to Seabrook High and grew obsessed with cheerleading to fit in after her grandmother fell in love with a human named Eli. The Seabrook Cup, which Angie designed for the Cheer Off, is where they think she concealed the coordinates to Utopia.

Addison and her team take home the Seabrook Cup, but the aliens can’t find any coordinates. Addison confesses her extraterrestrial identity to the pack of wolves, who are dubious about their motives.

You’d think she’d have to break the news to her mom, but instead, she says that she’s always known. Addison’s mother admits that her grandmother “named you her most precious thing,” confirming that Angie had warned them to keep their true selves hidden for their safety.

They have the coordinates to Utopia in Addison’s DNA, but she has to travel with them. Zed can’t go with them because he wouldn’t make it through the space journey. Thus it looks like Zeddison will have to part ways.

Zombies 3 won’t leave you on such a sour note. It’s graduation day at Seabrook High, and the aliens are getting ready to go for Utopia when they begin to wonder why Angie made it so hard for them to discover the “most precious thing” in Seabrook.

Addison informs them that perhaps her grandmother had realized that the aliens ought to dwell in Seabrook, “the most perfectly imperfect location there is,” rather than on a planet without conflict.

“Sometimes you need conflict. Look what happened once we overcame our differences. Together, we made progress. Conflict isn’t always bad. Being challenged sometimes pushes us to be better,” Addison tells them.

The aliens agree with her assessment, so they cancel their trip to Utopia and return to Seabrook to begin their new lives there. By the film’s conclusion, Seabrook has returned to normal, with coexisting populations of cheerleaders, zombies, werewolves, aliens, and any other species imaginable.

With Addison having found her true identity and a promising future ahead for the couple once Zed is accepted to Mountain College, this feels like a fitting conclusion to the Zombies trilogy.

A new species may show up in Seabrook and completely change the situation, but it feels like things could be winding down right now.

Will there be a Release Date For the Fourth Instalment of “Zombies?”

Although March 2021’s Zombies 3 was dubbed the “third and final installment,” nothing concrete about Zombies 4 had been announced as of November 2022. The stars don’t appear to mind, though.

“You know what? It leaves it open for a fourth, but it also does an outstanding job of wrapping it up,” Milo Manheim told HollywoodLife, adding to Good Morning America: “We’re going to have to see about [Zombies 4]. We’ll have to see if you like Zombies 3, and then we can decide.”

We think it’s probable that a fourth film will be made, but anything is possible in Hollywood. Watch out since Zombies 3 is the first in the series to premiere solely on Disney+, which might mean a much larger audience than the other two films.

Disney has stated that they will be producing an animated TV program based on the property, and the title will be Zombies: The Re-Animated Series. Thus the Zombies universe will continue to grow even if a fourth film never materializes.

Not much is known about it, but we know that Zed, Addison, Eliza, Willa, and “the full Seabrook crew” will be in it. In the words of the plot summary, “this group may have figured out each other, but they haven’t yet figured out how to survive high school.”

“Get ready for more musical fun and new friends as Seabrook becomes the #1 destination for all mythical monsters looking for a fresh start. And this means some pretty wild adventures – from the cafeteria to the football field – because sometimes the scariest thing you have to face is high school.”

Now that Zed and Addison have graduated, the series will likely take place before the events of Zombies 3 rather than continuing the plot after its conclusion.

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