The Common Errores Of Freelancers When Registering

Registering as a freelancer is starting a new stage based on self-employment and the faith that the business model that has been chosen, or even created, is the right one to succeed. However, these new entrepreneurs often make some common mistakes when registering for the Special Regime for Self-Employed Workers.

Do not capitalize on unemployment
Many people do not know that when they are collecting unemployment benefit they have the opportunity to receive a one-time payment of the entire amount. This amount of money can be used to start a new project on your own . It is an option offered by the Administration for the business creation phase to be easier.

Process the registration with the Treasury before than with the Social Security
This is a very common mistake among new freelancers. The first step should be to register first with Social Security. In fact, the Administration obliges to register within a period of 60 days before the start of activity. Once this procedure has been carried out, it will be time to register with the Treasury.

Make a mistake when choosing the heading in the IAE
The entrepreneur has to bear in mind that the choice of the IAE heading will mark how his activity will be taxed once the business starts up. For this reason, it is necessary to have a professional advisor who specifies the heading of the area of ​​activity to be carried out.

Do not apply existing bonuses before signing up
It should be noted that the Administration provides a series of grants and bonuses to promote self-employment. They are aids that change according to the moment, there are even some that are specific to each autonomous community. For this reason, it is convenient to find out about the bonuses that one can access before registering , since they cannot be applied afterwards.

Buy deductible material before registering as a self-employed person
This is another very common mistake among entrepreneurs. Before buying the material of the company, whatever is deductible, it is vital to register with the Treasury. Otherwise, all this material will not be part of the activity , since it was acquired before the business was formalized, so it cannot be deducted.

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