Dr. Simone Whitmore Net Worth

Dr. Simone Whitmore Net Worth: Find Out How OB-GYN Pours Millions Of Dollars Of Wealth?

Dr. Simone Whitmore Net Worth: Along with the premiere of the ninth season of the Bravo reality series Married to Medicine comes the return of Dr. Simone Whitmore, an OB-GYN who has played a starring role on the show from its inception.

Dr. Simone gave this explanation on an episode of Money Making Conversations from the previous year: “The reason I was willing to film reality TV is that I felt that little Black girls in America needed to see somebody that didn’t come from money —

I came from an alcoholic dad, and a single mom, and I know how to have a good time and live my life without the white coat — and I wanted little Brown girls in America to see that if it, she can do it, too.”

Dr. Simone Whitmore Net Worth

Dr. Simone Whitmore has her obstetrician and gynecologist clinic.

Dr. Simone is an obstetrician and gynecologist who holds board certification in each of those specialties, as stated in her professional biography.

She received her Bachelor of Science degree from Spelman College, her Doctor of Medicine degree from the Quillen College of Medicine at East Tennessee State University, and she finished her residency at Boston Medical Center and Boston University.

In 2004, Dr. Simone went into private practice on her own and opened the doors to the OB-GYN clinic she now owns and operates in Duluth, Georgia under the name North Perimeter OB-GYN.

Dr. Simone Whitmore Net Worth

It has been 26 years since she has been married to her husband Cecil Whitmore.

Dr. Simone and her husband Cecil Whitmore recently celebrated their 26th wedding anniversary in May of this year.

A year ago, when they had already been married for a quarter of a century, she shared a sweet Instagram remark about Cecil to mark the occasion.

“On this day, 25 years ago, I committed to making this man [Cecil] my husband come hell or high water!” Dr. Simone had written anything about that time.

“I love and cherish the life we’ve made together, the roads we’ve traveled, the mountains we’ve climbed, and the valleys our family and friends have lifted us out of.”

“I love and cherish the life we’ve built together.” Even on the days when my actions or words don’t reflect it, know that I adore you.

According to Dr. Simone’s bio on Bravo, she and Cecil first met in college, and in 1999, they relocated from Memphis, Tennessee, to Atlanta, Georgia.

The long-term partners have been married for a very long period, and they have two boys named Miles and Michael.

Dr. Simone Whitmore Net Worth

She has amassed a considerable amount of wealth.

In addition to her work at North Perimeter and her appearances on Married to Medicine, Dr. Simone recently introduced a body moisturizing balm that she developed in collaboration with her business partner, Kimberly Taylor.

According to what is said on the website for the product, “Dr. Simone Skin Care compliments your skin and leaves you feeling smooth, hydrated, and smelling fantastic.”

According to Dr. Simone’s bio on Bravo, she and Kimberly have plans to grow their company by adding additional skincare products.

Dr. Simone Whitmore Net Worth: Meanwhile, according to Celebrity Net Worth, Dr. Simone has a net worth that is currently estimated to be $3.5 million.

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