Project Pollo Net Worth Before and After Shark Tank

Project Pollo Net Worth: Before and After Shark Tank?

It is a franchise of fast food restaurants that specialized in vegan chicken options. Former Chick-fil-A employee Lucas Bradbury established the business in 2019. The company’s initial Project Pollo site debuted in San Antonio, Texas, and it has since grown to include locations in several additional Texas and Oklahoma cities. Project Pollo seeks to offer a healthy and moral substitute for conventional fast food. The restaurant’s menu features vegan-friendly dishes such as crispy chicken sandwiches, wraps, and nuggets.

“Project Pollo” Net worth

Project Pollo Net Worth Before and After Shark Tank (1)

In May 2022, “Project Pollo” was discussed on Shark Tank America. As of 2023, it has a net value of about 50 million USD. Since making an appearance on Shark Tank, Project Pollo has grown and succeeded wonderfully. Their net worth is thought to be 50 million USD as a result of collaborations and additional cash they have obtained. In the well-known TV program Shark Tank, aspiring business owners present their plans to a group of wealthy financiers referred to as “sharks.”

Company Name Project Pollo
Founder Lucas Bradbury
Place San Antonio, Texas
Product Vegan Fast Food Chain
Business Fast food restaurants that serve plant-based meat
Asked For $2.5 Million of 5% Equity
Project Pollo Net Worth $50 million

Founding the Project Pollo

During the pandemic, a nearby brewery got in touch with Lucas and requested permission for a food truck to park on his property by CDC regulations. This gave him the idea to launch his fast-food business and test the market. Lucas, on the other hand, desired to start a unique restaurant. He wanted to open a plant-based, non-GMO restaurant where even the food’s packaging, such as bags and containers, could be composted.

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As a result, Project Pollo was established in 2020 and initially solely sold meatless chicken patties. The start-up had unheard-of growth and swiftly rose to fame. With a projected $10 million in yearly income, they expanded their menu and built ten new sites across Texas within two years.

Lucas Bradbury, Project Pollo’s founder

Lucas Bradbury, a native of San Antonio, Texas, spent two years completing his general studies at Kansas Wesleyan University. Later, he continued to Kansas State University to seek a degree in economics. He had general management positions at Pizza Hut and Bravo Brio while a student. He was also appointed area director for Leiszler Oil Company.

He held the same position at Dunkin’ Donuts and Papa John’s after earning his degree. He then held positions at Which Wich Superior Sandwiches as both the general manager and an area director. He was appointed as Earth Burgers’ franchisee and vice president of operations in 2017.

Project Pollo’s Shark Tank Appearance

Lucas Bradbury decided to make a Shark Tank pitch after receiving an email from Mark Cuban. He made a $2.5 million bid for a 5% equity stake in season 13 of the program. Even though he didn’t need to raise any money, he thought the publicity would be good for the business. During his pitch, he justified his estimate and outlined the reasons the company was so valuable.

The Sharks were hesitant to invest because they thought the company was scaling too quickly and would suffer significant losses. While Kevin O’Leary struggled to accept the valuation, Barbara exacerbated customer misunderstanding about the name. His early income and delectable cuisine won the Sharks over, but they ultimately passed up the opportunity.

After the Shark Tank, Project Pollo

With 13 locations in Texas, Project Pollo will open 8 more in 2022 (in Colorado, Boulder, Arizona, and Las Vegas). The restaurant food chain business is very cutthroat. Effective marketing and growth are essential for success and cost a lot of money. Lucas, the creator, and president of a large corporation, is experienced and has a business-minded outlook, so he can succeed with little investment.

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His time on Shark Tank gave him invaluable insight that he could use to expand the company. The business opened 19 restaurant franchises by August 2022 in various US locations while also expanding its workforce. The US is expected to expand in the upcoming years. Numerous periodicals, such as QSR Magazine, San Antonio, Dallas, and Nation Restaurant News, have written about Project Pollo and Lucas Bradbury.

Lucas aims to franchise in 2023 and is looking for knowledgeable partners in New York, Philadelphia, and Baltimore. Benefits including paid time off and health insurance are provided to employees by the chain. The vegan fast-food franchise Project Pollo earns $10M annually, has a 4.5-star Yelp rating (165 reviews), and is valued at $50M. Introducing healthier options is necessary to maintain growth.


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