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Bagbowl Net Worth: What Happened It to Shark Tank Update?

Kevin and Brian Fleming pitched BagBowl, a plastic sleeve that turns any bag into a bowl, on Shark Tank episode 404. BagBowl is easy to turn into a serving bowl, and it can be used in two ways. Using the same thing in two different ways in just a few seconds is a cool, crazy, useful, and creative idea.
This is easy to make and can be used by anyone. If you already have a bowl to eat out of, you don’t need to carry another one. You can put something else in the same bag. It is easy to reuse or recycle. It is a great product that is also good for the environment.

BagBowl turns any plastic bag into a portable bowl that you can use to serve food. It gives any load, from sandwich bags to two-gallon zip lock bags, a fun and decorative look. It’s an excellent place for picnics, potlucks, and tailgate parties.

When not in use, the bag bowl folds flat so it is easy to store. They are made of polypropylene, the same plastic used to make milk jugs, and do not contain BPA or phthalates. They can go in the dishwasher and the microwave.

It has a patent, and they have made plans for how to make it. The Flemings want to sell this product to companies that make snacks like chips, pretzels, and storage bags.

BagBowl Shark Tank Net Worth

After it was on Shark Tank in 2012, BagBowl wasn’t available for two months because it was hard to make. The themed bag bowl will be on the market in 2013. Based on what Shark Tank told them, the BagBowl was worth about $120,000. They started with the Daddio spill-stopper training cup and then added updated versions of the bag bowl.

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What Is BagBowl?

BagBowl is a bag you can fold and use as a bowl with just a few seconds of work. Using the same product in two different ways is new, creative, and incredibly useful.

It is simple to change, which means that anyone can do it. If you already have food in your Bag of BagBowl, you don’t need to bring a bowl with you because you can use the same container. It can be reused and recycled, so it is good for the environment.

BagBowl turns a regular plastic bag into the best portable dish for serving. It can hold many different kinds of bags, like sandwich bags, zip locks for two gallons, and more. It’s a great choice for potlucks, picnics, and tailgating parties.

BagBowl can be stored flat when it’s not in use. They are made of polypropylene, like milk jugs, and don’t contain BPA or phthalates. You can put them in the microwave or dishwasher.

Who came up with the idea for BagBowl?

Kevin and Brian Fleming started BagBowl. Kevin made it so a dog could ride in it and that there was an extra bowl for the dog to poop in.

He turned a bag into a bowl to avoid making a mess and having to clean it up.
It also helps save space by letting one person come in while the other leaves.
Brian works in real estate development, while Kevin used to make things as part of his job. Both of BagBowl’s founders think that the product is ready to grow and stay on the market for a long time.

BagBowl Before Shark Tank

The Flemings came out with InstaBol before Shark Tank, but now it’s called BagBowl, which is a much better name.

Kevin and Brian Fleming, two brothers from Kansas City, Missouri, came up with BagBowl, a line of plastic zip bags that can be folded and turned into bowls.
They changed how they advertised and how their website worked, but the search engines quickly caught on.

The idea behind BagBowl is interesting, but will it keep the Sharks’ attention long enough for them to think about investing?

How Was The Shark Tank Pitch Of BagBowl?

Brian and Kevin went on Shark Tank and asked for a $40,000 investment for 33% of BagBowl.Brian and Kevin Fleming wore the same shirt when they went to the Shark Tank. Brian Fleming walked into the room dressed as the handsome man. Kevin Fleming, who was smart, then walked in.

They said that they had found a way to turn the bag into a bowl that could be used to serve food and drinks.
Brian and Kevin kept saying out loud that the name of the business they ran was Bag Bowl. Brian Fleming said that he had made the bag bowl. Brian said it was more fun to sing the words together with Robert. When they talked to the Sharks in an awkward way, Brian and Kevin were very excited to bring the product to market.

Brian told me they want to raise $40,000 so they can give away 3% of their business. Kevin and Brian F. Each gave the other a prototype of their product, and Robert asked if they could test it.

They said they would use the product for a week to see if it worked. They said they had figured out how to make any bag that could fit inside another bag.

They can make bags that fit on top of any bag that can fit inside another bag. Brian and Kevin talked happily as they stood next to each other. Mark laughed a lot.
Brian said that you could slide the bag over the exoskeleton, which would be like having a big solid bowl.

bagbowl net worth
bagbowl net worth

It would be easy to grab a bag and go to work, a party, or a restaurant.
It would be helpful if people could pack their lunches in a way that made them easy to carry.

If someone has leftover food, they can put it in a bag that fits in the bottom of a refrigerator or a cupboard. If you don’t use the bag, you can throw it away or recycle it.

Kevin F. and Brian both said that it was nice to no longer have to worry about cleaning up after themselves, and Mark agreed. Mark Cuban (Company) found it very funny that they were all about their product.

What Happened To BagBowl After Shark Tank?

The BagBowl can be bought on Amazon, but it was out of stock for more than two months after the episode aired because of problems with how it was made.

Based on his LinkedIn profile, Kevin Fleming is the Managing Director of IDEAPULT. IDEAPULT is a sales organization that helps US companies sell their goods in Europe.

Brian Fleming is a co-owner of Secure Medical Transport, a company in Kansas City that helps people in wheelchairs and those who can walk get to places when they don’t have to.BagBowl was also sold on QVC, but it is no longer for sale there.

The Daddio Spill Stopper Training Cup is a new product from the Fleming brothers. It has gotten mixed reviews on Amazon. The same number of 5-star reviews have been given to the product.



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