The Texas Chainsaw Massacre trailer on Netflix reintroduces an original character to face Leatherface

The Texas Chainsaw Massacre Trailer on Netflix Reintroduces an Original Character to Face Leather face

Netflix’s Texas Chainsaw Massacre has delivered its first gruesome look at the return of the original character Sally Hardesty.

Fouéré has taken over the iconic role of Sally Hardesty, who also appeared in the 1995 Next Generation movie after the demise of original actress Marilyn Burns in 2014.

And if our look at the latest trailer is bound to give us some obvious hints, we can confidently say the character is just as badass as ever in the new film.

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The Texas Chainsaw Massacre Release Date

It will be available to stream across Netflix platforms on February 18, 2022.

The Texas Chainsaw Massacre Cast

The prominent role of Leatherface will be played by Mark Burnham, taking over from the late Gunnar Hansen.

There has been no further information regarding more members of the cast. Based on the information we see, Leatherface has been hiding alone, but that does not mean that we won’t see any of his relatives. 

Olwen Fouéré plays Sally Hardesty.

In the list of newcomers, Sarah Yarkin (from Happy Death Day 2U) will play the role of Melody, a young entrepreneur from San Francisco. Elsie Fisher will play her teen sister Lila, a hobby photographer who gets around in a wheelchair.

Jacob Latimore (from The Chi) will play Dante, a close friend to the sisters who travel to Texas. Several other stars to be featured welcome Moe Dunford as a man named Richter, Alice Krige as Mrs Nell Hudson in the role of Ruth, Sam Douglas as an individual named Herb, and William Hope as Hathaway, the Sheriff of Harlow.

John Larroquette will also repeat his role as narrator from the original Texas Chainsaw Massacre. As this is a direct sequel to the 1947 original film, we could be seeing other friendly faces. It is still uncertain as many of the actors from the original film have since passed away.

The Texas Chainsaw Massacre Plot

Admittedly, the new Texas Chainsaw Massacre trailer does not reveal a lot, but Netflix has shared some details.

A brief synopsis and summary read, “After nearly 50 years of hiding, Leatherface returns to threaten a group of idealistic young friends who accidentally disrupt his carefully protected world in a remote Texas town.”

The new film is thus connected directly to a legacy character named Sally and recreates the basic structure of the original 1974 The Texas Chain Saw Massacre to some extent. To summarize, youthful outsiders come to town and accidentally stumble upon the Sawyer family home, where Leatherface waits.

The Texas Chainsaw Massacre Trailer

We get quite a few cryptic bits of information in the new Texas Chainsaw Massacre trailer as it sets a highly chilling tone.

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The trailer provides us with our first look at the chainsaw-wielding killer’s new violent and gruesome kills. It also teases a showdown between Leatherface and iconic final girl Sally Hardesty, who’s determined to avenge her brother and friends’ deaths.

As the trailer teases, Texas Chainsaw Massacre follows Melody, her sister Lila, and their friends Dante and Ruth after they arrive in the remote Texan town of Harlow to pursue “an idealistic new business venture.”

As the Texas Chainsaw Massacre will be a sequel to the original horror film, fans can expect the same grizzly violence that made the original famous and can be delighted knowing it’s in good hands. The film will drop onto Netflix on February 18, 2022. It’s been hinted that this could be the end of the road for Leatherface, but let’s be honest here, classic movies never have final chapters. If fans love this new film, there will presumably be more to follow.

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