Super Mario Odyssey 2 Release Date: Switch, PS4, PS5, Xbox, PC

Super Mario Odyssey 2 Release Date: Switch, PS4, PS5, Xbox, PC

Everybody loves Mario! Mario’s games have had an extraordinary place in all hearts. Nintendo Entertainment Planning & Development has recently been in talks as the news of the latest Super Mario Odyssey 2 is being speculated! The platform game is very popular among fans, and after over five years, players are hyped up with the coming out of the new Super Mario Odyssey 2!

Sequel to the huge hit, Super Mario Odyssey, the game by Nintendo is bound to be much crazier and fun than before. The game was supposedly also leaked sometime before, and fans are overjoyed regarding the upcoming game. So when will it be released? What will Super Mario Odyssey 2 be about? Where can we play the upcoming fun game this time?

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Super Mario Odyssey 2 Release Date Release date

Super Mario Odyssey 2 is reported to come out likely in 2023 on Nintendo Switch! There might be an upcoming Nintendo Direct announcement later this year, rumored to be during the E3 showcase scheduled in June.

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It has been five years now, between Super Mario 3D World on Wii U, the previous 3D Mario game, and Super Mario Odyssey, the prequel to Super Mario Odyssey 2 . We can expect the game to be almost completed. But there are no confirmed official announcements regarding the exact release date. The admired game is expected to come out in late 2023, and if postponed for any unfortunate circumstances, will be released in early 2024.

Super Mario Odyssey 2 Release Date Platforms

Super Mario Odyssey 2 is expected to be released exclusively to Nintendo Switch. It will be made available on new Nintendo consoles in the upcoming days. The game will not be released on platforms like PS5, PS4, Xbox One, Xbox Series X, or PC.

Nintendo games always have their tradition of exclusively launching their games to their platforms. Unlike other companies in the market, Microsoft and Sony, Nintendo does not release its games on PC yet. So we can safely say that anyone looking forward to playing the new Super Mario Odyssey 2 game will have to own the latest Nintendo console, as per official reports.

Super Mario Odyssey 2 Release Date: Switch, PS4, PS5, Xbox, PC

Super Mario Odyssey 2 Release Date More

The previous game, launched in 2017, had Mario and his new friend Cappy the hat. This hat grants Mario the power to control other characters and objects in the game as they go on coming across various kingdoms in the pursuit to save Princess Peach from Mario’s nemesis, Bowser, who plans to forcefully marry The Princess.

Contrary to the linear gameplay of prior versions, the game returned to the primarily open-ended, 3D platform gameplay, which Nintendo EPD featured in Super Mario 64 and Super Mario Sunshine as well.

There were supposed leaks regarding the Super Mario Odyssey 2 way back in 2019. However, it was unclear whether this leak was true until December 2021.

A post was originally posted on 4chan with a user claiming that Sega will release Sonic Frontiers. The game Frontiers was officially announced at The Game Awards 2021, and it somewhat looked initially like the original leaks about the upcoming Odyssey 2 in a way confirming the ‘supposed leaks.’

The original leaker also noted that Luigi would be a part of the game, and there would be 20 new locations for players in the game to explore! These leaks have not been officially verified yet, but fans did not mind it as the excitement regarding the new game about the epic franchise took over.

Super Mario Odyssey 2 might have characters from the previous version, and our beloved hat might be a part here as well. Nothing else can be predicted right now as the makers have not published any news reading this, but we are delighted for the upcoming release.

So are you ready to embark on this journey with Mario to save the princess?

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