The Lost City: Release Date, Cast, and Everything We Know So Far

The Lost City: Release Date, Cast, and Everything We Know So Far

If you’re tired of watching the old rom-com that you’ve watched at least a million times already with the same plot and the same storyline, worry no more. A new rom-com is about to hit your nearest theatres very soon with an exciting new cast and a storyline seen like never before. The Lost City mixes romance, comedy, action, and fictitious cities with hidden treasures like never before.

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The Lost City Release Date

In October 2021,  the movie “The Lost City of D” was titled “The Lost City” and was announced to be released on March 25, 2022. Previously it was scheduled to be released on April 15, 2022.

The Lost City: Release Date, Cast, and Everything We Know So Far

Viewers can watch the trailer of Lost City, which has already been released by paramount pictures on Youtube and has already garnered a whopping 17 million views and 23,000 likes since its release a month ago.

The Lost City Cast

The Lost City has gone all out, bringing Hollywood’s most pleasing to its star cast table. The cast includes Sandra Bullock and Channing Tatum as writer Loretta Sage and devilishly handsome Alan. Daniel Radcliffe plays the role of the villain Fairfax, a rare character for Radcliffe who has diverged into his character type since his early days as a magical star.

Brad Pitt depicts the ferocious son of a weather forecaster who rescues a desperate Sage from prisoners. Da’Vine Joy Randolph is a spokeswoman for Loretta and a close friend. Oscar Nunez from the office (USA) will appear in the film, playing an unnamed character with Raymond Lee and Bowen Yang.

The Lost City Plot

Loretta Sage lives alone, eats at a table, and writes a sultry novel from the comfort of a bathroom with a Chardonnay in one hand. Her personal life is less adventurous, but the theme of her story is adventurous. Starcross explorers Duo Lovemore and Dash,  who happen to be in trouble during a dangerous journey, live a wild adventure within the pages of a shiny book written by Sage.

Meanwhile, Loretta suffers from the realism of her writing and frustration with her cover model, Alan, who she sees as just a pretty face. Alain is attracting attention as the sexiest guy in his industry, and fans are flocking to him for selfies. But the model wants to be seen as more than the character she depicts. 

Sage’s recently published book, The Lost City Of D, brings her a bizarre offer from a billionaire. Crazy Billionaire Fairfax reads Sage’s book and believes it may help him find the treasure hidden in the actual lost city on which her book is based.

Her refusal forced Sage to be kidnapped before being blown into the jungle, helping Fairfax and his crew find their missing fate. Unprepared but loyal, Alain gains the confidence of his character, Dash, and rescues the disappeared writer, saying that he is more than his muscular physique and fascinating features. 

When Dash arrives, he brings in a trained and experienced adventurer and takes the initiative to rescue her. With his sturdy beauty and flowing blonde hair, he seems to be a true embodiment of the muscular character of her novel.

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Even with skilful determination, his survival skills don’t last long, and Loretta and Alan struggle in the wilderness of the jungle so they’ll protect themselves for themselves. When the unlikely duo tries to find an escape route, Loretta believes she may be able to solve the hidden treasure case of the lost city.

Can this fantasy writer and her unqualified saviour betray the booby-trapped temple and settle the case in front of Fairfax and his team? Or do you swim with the leeches?

The Lost City is sure to be one of the best movies you watch this year, so buckle up and get ready for the adventure of a lifetime.

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