In the Land of Leadale Episode 3: Is It Returning? Renewed or Canceled!

The In the Land of Leadale Episode 3 is to be renewed! In the Land of Leadale, which is also popular among as Leadale no Daichi nite, the Japanese title, has finally revealed to release the next episode on Crunchyroll, making all anime fans thrilled worldwide.

In the Land of Leadale Episode 3 Release date

The Land of Leadale is coming up with its third episode on April 19, 2022. It is said to be the latest release date, as announced by makers.

The In the Land of Leadale Episode 3 is to be renewed! In the Land of Leadale, which is also popular among as Leadale no Daichi nite

The timings of release are

  • 23:30 AM JST
  • 07:30 AM PT (April 19)
  • 10:30 AM ET (April 19)
  • 2:30 PM GMT (April 19)
  • 4:30 PM CET (April 19)

In the Land of Leadale: Episode 3 has stirred the anime fans, with the story moving forward since it started airing on January 5, 2022. The third episode named: The Daughter, an Arena, a Blast, and an Uppercut, will be available to all Chruncyroll subscribers on the given date in Japanese. The release of English subbed episode three is not announced yet.

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In the Land of Leadale Episode 3, Cast

The Land of Leadale will have all the characters from episodes one and two. Cayna, the main character, and Skargo, Mai-Mai, Caerina, Lytt, Marelle, Kartaz, Caerick, Kee and Luine, are the side characters in episode three. The anime has other characters like Kension, Primo, Linto, Innkeeper, Arbiter, Lottor, the Mercenary squad members A and B, and Elineh. All the characters have been voiced by Eri Yuimara(Cayna), Disuke Ono(Skargo), Kaori Nazuka(Mai-Mai), Asuza Tadokoro(Caerina), Kanako Yanagihara(Lytt), Sakura nakamura (Marelle), Tomokazu Sugita (Kartaz), Tomoya Takagi (Caerick), Yui Otagiri (Kee), and Yuki Hirose(Luine).

Actors who voiced the other characters are Haruna Mikawa (Sister), Hiroki Matsukawa(Lottor), Mutsumi Tamura (Primo), Natsuko Abe (Lonti), Nozomi Tamaki (Innkeeper), Ryuchhi Kijima( Kenison ), Shinji Kawada (Arbiter), Takayuki Miamoto (the Mercenary squad member A) and Yu Taniguchi (Mercenary squad member B) and Tomoaki Maeno (Elineh). Some other voice actors are Tomomichi Nishimura, Yui Fukuo, Yuki Kuwahara.

The makers of In the Land of Leadale have relieved the manga and anime fans alike with the upcoming episode three.

In the Land of Leadale Episode 3 Plot

With the last thing as her memory being on life-support, Cayna (earlier Keina) wakes up to the last resort to her freedom in the VRMMORPG World of Leadale. The synopsis of In the Land of Leadale unravel as she wakes up in the body of her game avatar, Cayna realizes that the worries of her old life before the deadly accident appear to be a thing of the past. Still, the new land isn’t what Cayna remembered Leadale to be.

Cayna learns that she is on another planet and has a faint memory of being there before. She discusses and finds out that it has been about 200 years now. With Lyt and Marielle, Cayna meets new individuals on the new planet. Cayna was up with a splitting headache, and Lyt and Marielle took care of her, making the former quite jolly. Things start to spur into action when the mysterious injured character is discovered lying on the street.

In episode one, Cayna explores the new planet and walks through forests and different settings when she comes across the Guardian of the Silver Tower. The story progresses as she shows her powers through magic, and Cayna is grateful for her magic book. While encountering the Guardian of the Silver Tower, she comes to know that she is in another realm, and things are about to get a lot of fun.

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In episode two of In the Land of Leadale, the mysterious character, Kanison, is being taken care of, but even doctors cannot find a way to bring him back to life. Cayna, who is still with her friends, comes forward and uses her magical abilities to help the mysterious man and has brought to the attention of the people of Leadale her, which might be for the good or maybe the worst.

Episode three of In the Land of Leadale will be exciting with twists and turns. Will Cayna be able to move on with her life now? Who is Kanison? Is there any danger lurking for Cayna and her loved ones? We can all find out about it in the third episode of In the Land of Leadale in April 2022!

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