One Punch Man 182 Release Date Update and More

One Punch Man 182 Release Date Update and More

One is the author and illustrator of One Punch Man’s manga series, which he started posting on his blog in 2009. The comic soon gained popularity, and in 2012, Shueisha’s Young Jump Web Comics decided to publish it officially. The narrative centers on Saitama, a superhero who can defeat any foe with a single blow who eventually grows weary of using his strength and struggles to find challenging competitors.

Manga has become an anime series and cultural phenomenon through merchandise, spin-offs, and video games. The most recent chapter of the series is still being released every week. What to anticipate from One Punch Man Manga Chapter 182, including Raw Scan, will be discussed in this article: release information, Reddit spoilers, and online chapter reading locations.

One Punch man Manga Chapter 182 Release Date

The following chapter will be available right away for One Punch Man fans. On March 24, 2023, at midnight, One Punch Man Chapter 182 will be released.

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Spoilers and Prediction for One Punch Man Manga Chapter 182 on Reddit

Fans eagerly anticipate the next episode of the well-liked anime series, and some have conjectured that Saitama, the protagonist, will not appear. This forecast is based on Psykos, the villain, who is claimed to have strength similar to that of Lord Boros, albeit moving slowly due to her massive stature.

Some fans think that having Saitama show up immediately and wipe out the enemies without any opposition would be boring because the result would be obvious. The other heroes might be tested to their breaking point and engage Psykos in combat.

Curiously, Blast is the only hero whose identity is still unknown. Given the gravity of the situation and the potential for disaster, such as a near-tsunami, it may be worthwhile to look into Blast’s involvement in this issue. According to the plot, Blast arrived just before the world’s end.

Raw scans for One Punch Man manga chapter 182

The raw images for One Punch Man Manga Chapter 182 are unavailable. These scans typically begin circulating online forums like 4chan and Reddit three to four days before the scheduled publication. We may anticipate seeing these raw scans appear online this week because the official release date is March 20, 2023.

Where to get the most recent chapter of One Punch Man

You can read One Punch Man Chapter 182 and other releases from the series in raw format on Tonarinoyj. You can read in English on the Viz Media website and app, but you’ll have to wait till Chapter 181 is published because the most current chapter isn’t yet online.

About One Punch Man

The manga series One Punch Man was written and illustrated by One and released in Japan by Shueisha. It tells the tale of Saitama, a plain-looking hero who can defeat any foe with a single punch. One of Japan’s most popular manga series, it has now been translated into English for fans outside Japan.

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The series debuted as a webcomic in 2009, and a print edition was published in 2012. It depicts the tale of Saitama, a superstrong superhero who is disappointed that his power doesn’t appear to grow despite his intense training and numerous victories over adversaries. Afterward, in quest of a rival strong enough to challenge him, he teams up with other heroes to battle monsters and formidable foes like Boros, Lord Boros, and Garou.


The One Punch Man Chapter 182 Release Date has, in conclusion, profoundly affected the manga community and its followers. The highly anticipated series continues to captivate readers with its unique tale, fascinating characters, and gorgeous imagery.

It makes sense that the fanbase has been anxiously anticipating word of the publication date for the most recent chapter. With this new knowledge, fans can eagerly anticipate resuming their One Punch Man adventure and taking advantage of all the fantastic material it offers.


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