Weak Hero Chapter 230 Spoiler: Suggest a Triumph Against Adversity!

In a school full of bullies, where weaker students are always afraid of being the next target, a new transfer student shows that he is not the weak little guy who will let himself be bullied. Let’s be honest: who wouldn’t like a story about an underdog who becomes a hero by showing that he’s not as weak as he seems? It’s not very complicated, but it makes us feel just like the heroes we all want to be.

Let me guess: you’re here because you’ve been to a lot of other sites and found answers that didn’t meet your needs. Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. In this article, we’ll go over everything you need to know about the release of Weak Hero Chapter 229 and future updates.

Weak Hero is a manhwa about Gray Yeon, a freshman at Eunjang High School who is 157cm tall. He makes a name for himself when he easily beats a school bully who is twice his size. This is the start of the action-packed stories about Gray Yeon fighting against the bullies to protect his friends and what he thinks is right.

Weak Hero Chapter 229: Release Date

Every Saturday, there are new chapters of Weak Hero. Up until the time this article was written, there was no news that the next chapters would be late. So it’s fine to say that fans will be able to read Weak Hero Chapter 229 on its planned date, which is Saturday, January 21, 2023.

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Weak Hero Chapter 228: Recap

The chapter starts in Donalds’s office at the base of the union. Donald is angry that his thugs weren’t able to beat up the group at Eunjang high school. He is upset that all they knew how to do was beat people up, and they failed at that too.

Donald seems to be taking things into his own hands now, and he tells Jimmy not to do anything stupid because he is the most stupid of them all. Also, Donald has a history with Ben Park from when he was young, so it seems like he will end this after all.

The scene then moves to the hospital, where Eugene is taken after the fight left him badly hurt. Gray is sitting next to his bed and thinking about the time he was the one in the hospital bed and Eugene was taking care of him. Gray then leaves the hospital room and gets a gift he thought was from Eugene. Eugene saw that Gray was shaking in class and wanted to give him the gloves so he could wear them when he was cold.

Weak Hero Chapter 228: Recap 
Weak Hero Chapter 228: Recap

Then we find out that Eugene is in a very bad way, and the doctors say that because of the trauma he got, he may not wake up. Then Gray and his friends come back into the picture. Everyone at the table is very upset and angry about what’s going on. Ben Parker is the kind of person who gets angry easily, so he goes to Donald to get back at him for Eugene.

The others try to reason with him and get him to stop. It was when Ben’s phone rang and it was Donald on the other end. He wants Ben to come to the southern end of the Mapo bridge to settle things for the last time. With this, Ben decides to finally get rid of Donald.

Weak Hero Chapter 229: Spoilers

There is no official information about what will happen in the next chapters, but it is clear what will happen in what seems to be the last chapters of the series. Gray, Ben, and the rest of the group are going to talk to the union at the Mapo bridge, but don’t expect it to be a simple talk.

We’re about to get into some of the most emotional fights ever. Ben and his group won’t fight just to get back at Eugene. Instead, they will fight to protect how they feel about each other. In the next few chapters, your feelings will go up and down like a roller coaster.

Weak Hero Chapter 229: Where to Read?

LINE Webtoons, which is the official site for publishing Weak Hero in English, is in charge of new issues and updates. But Webtoons don’t have the option to come out at the same time, so you have to wait a while to read chapter 229. As of the time this article was written, the webtoons site had reached chapter 222 of the manhwa. So it’ll take a while to get to the most recent chapters.

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