Little Things Season 5

Little Things Season 5 Release Date, Plot, Cast, Trailer, And More

Today, we will talk about the upcoming season of a famous Indian series named Little things, a total comedy with a bundle of romance. In this show, we get to see the life of a typical couple, their struggles, love-life, fun and daily circumstances taking place. The last parts of the show were primarily very successful. That is why fans are very much thrilled to know about the future segments. 

Up Till Now, a total of four seasons of the show have been cast, which received a lot of love and praise from its viewers, yet today we are going to update you on the upcoming seasons’ gossip on-air, aka season 5 of Little things.

Little things Season 5; Release date

The show started its fame in 2016 when its first season came out on 25 October 2016. There were approximately five episodes in the first season. And again, the second season was released in October 2018, the third one in October 2019. Lastly, the fourth and the latest season was released this year on 15 October 2021. Now let’s talk about the 5th season of little things. There were a lot of rumours that maybe 4th season is the last season of the show but looking at the high rating and work improvement, there are some gossips that the little things are going to continue its work, and as expected, the date has to be somewhere in October 2022.

The most important reason for this statement is because the closing scene in season 4 disclosed that we were still “6 months, 12 days and 3 hours before [the] wedding” – which indicates that the show’s upcoming season still has some leeway till the final timeline. Till now, there are two estimated dates for season 5, and those will be in May 2022 or October 2022.

Little Things Season 5

Expected Cast in season 5 of Little Things.

There is no news on the cast updates as we know that season 4 has launched a few days back, so any statement at this point is not official. Still, it is undoubtedly guaranteed that if there is a season five of the show, then our beloved main characters Dhruv Saigal and Mithila palkar as Kavya will be seen rocking on-screen. 

Other than them, we will see similar characters like Murthy, Kulkarni, Satish Kulkarni, Ashish Kapur, Mikron Kochhar, Lovleen Mishra, Aman Bhagat, Akash, and Sana and all the other characters that we often see in this series. 

Storyline; Plot in the season 5 Little things

For the fans of this hit romantic comedy series ‘Little Things, it’s been an emotional rollercoaster for the past five years. The story in this show is related to a young couple, Dhruv and Kavya, who plays the role of sweet and cute lovers, living their busy lives in Mumbai.

The first part was all about their lifestyle and how they managed to live their life with each other, their fights, arguments, adventures and much more is shown. Later it shows how their life changes after Dhruv gets a new job in Bangalore and moves there, casting as a couple in a long-distance relationship while managing different life goals and paths.

In the third season, we saw Kavya leaving for her parents home, and all the emotions and sentiments of the couple were expressed. Now let’s talk about season four, which will likely give us a brief idea of what will happen in season 5. If you have not watched season 4 yet, you can watch it on Netflix, where we see that the young couple has finally united in Kerala after a year of a long relationship. They are ready for an exciting vacation close to one another. In the beginning, we notice some missing spark and distance between them seems like Kavya has some self-doubts. In contrast, Dhruv looks like he is satisfied. The couple seems to be enjoying their trip and exploring their relationship, which brings them much more closely. 

Now that Dhruv and Kavya are engaged, the fans are more excited to know what will happen in season 5.

 It is not official yet, but the news has flown that maybe we will get to see the path to their wedding in season 5 as the rating for season 4 have grown much higher, and fans are so eager for getting more. It seems like season 5 will bring a lot more fun and challenges in their life.

Trailer updates for Little things season 5

For anyone new here, you can watch the series from season 1 to season 4 on Netflix. Whereas, there is no update on the trailer of season 5 yet. 

We will update this site as soon as we get the official news.

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