Prom Pact Release Date

Prom Pact Release Date, Cast, Plot, and More Updates!

As part of the D23 Expo, which is still going on, Disney+ has released a poster for the upcoming comedy-romance movie Prom Pact. Anya Adams, who has directed episodes of Netflix’s hit show Ginny & Georgia and several episodes of ABC’s Fresh Off the Boat, will be in charge of the teen movie about the stress of high school prom season. It will debut on Disney+ in the spring of 2023.

Even though her friends are excited about prom, the main character of Prom Pact, Mandy Yang (Peyton Elizabeth Lee, Andi Mack), wants to go to Harvard when she is put on the waitlist; however, her plans for the future change.

She takes matters into her own hands and tutors popular jock Graham Lansing (played by Australian newcomer Blake Draper) in order to get his Harvard-educated senator father to help her get into his alma mater. As she gets to know Graham and learns that the person she has always hated is more than she thought, Mandy realizes that getting into one of the best colleges might not be the most important thing in life.

The official synopsis of the movie calls Mandy a “feminist who doesn’t believe in falling in love.” However, she finds herself falling hard, and she plans to go to college and take a back seat to their “undeniable chemistry” and the romance in the air during high school prom season.

Margaret Cho, an actress, and comedian who has been nominated for an Emmy were just added to the cast of Prom Pact. Her character, Ms. Chen, is a counselor who is funny and sarcastic. Mandy talks to her about her seemingly impossible plans to go to college.

Wendi McLendon-Covey, who plays Mandy’s mother, Alyssa, on The Goldbergs, is also in the movie. She is starring with Lee, Draper, and Cho. David S. Jung works with his Doogie Kamealoha, M.D. co-star Lee again. He plays Tom, the father of Lee’s character. The teen rom-com will also have characters like Mandy’s friend Ben (Milo Manheim, Z-O-M-B-I-E-S), the popular cheerleader LaToya (Monique Green, I Am the Night), and Mandy’s best friends Zenobia (Arica Himmel, Mixed-ish) and Charles (Jason Sakaki, Devil in Ohio).

Anthony Lombardo wrote Prom Pact. He also wrote eight episodes of the ABC show American Housewife. The movie was shot in Vancouver earlier this year. Jake Kasdan, Melvin Mar, Julie Bowen, and Rachael Field are the executive producers. In the spring of 2023, Disney+ will be the only place to watch Prom Pact.


Loki Season 2 Story

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Loki Season 2 Cast

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and much more. Kate Herron’s work as the director deserves to be in the spotlight. The hard work of everyone on the production crew would make the second season just as successful as the first.

Prom Pact Release Date

Disney Branded Television’s “Prom Pact,” a romantic comedy about the emotions and excitement of high school prom season, will premiere on Disney Channel on March 30 at 8:00 p.m. EST/PST and on Disney+ in the United States the next day. A date for the international release of Disney+ will come next.

Prom Pact Release Date
Prom Pact Release Date

It’s the height of prom season, and Mandy Yang, a senior, and her best friend, Ben, who is also an outsider, are surrounded by over-the-top proposals with an ’80s theme. Mandy, on the other hand, keeps her eyes on something else: her lifelong dream of going to Harvard.

When she finds out she’s on the waitlist, she’s determined to do whatever it takes to get in, even if that means asking the one person she hates the most for help: popular all-star athlete Graham Lansing, whose father is a powerful senator and Harvard graduate. Once Mandy starts tutoring Graham, she starts to see that he is more than she thought and that there may be more to life than Harvard.

Peyton Place is in “Prom Pact.” Milo Manheim played Ben, Blake Draper played Graham, Elizabeth Lee played Mandy, Monique Green played LaToya, Arica Himmel played Zenobia, Jason Sakaki played Charles, Margaret Cho played Ms. Chen, Wendi McLendon-Covey played Alyssa, and David S. Jung played Tom.

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