Sabrina Season 5

Sabrina Season 5 Renewed or Cancelled?

Sabrina Spellman, our favourite Greendale witch, takes us on quite an exciting journey as she discovers her powers, fights her evil dad, aka Lucifer and struggles to balance the good and evil in life. Her chilling adventures are one of a kind, and we can’t help but fall in love with her witty, charming personality. So far, The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina consists of four critically acclaimed seasons that have won several awards. These four seasons aren’t enough for fans, and they are demanding another extension. Will the producers listen? Will they revive Sabrina for yet another season? Keep on reading to find out the latest information about Sabrina Season 5.

Sabrina Season 5 Release Date

Season 4 of the series came out in December 2020. Unfortunately, Netflix cancelled the show soon after its release! However, the Achievers, which is a fandom of all Archie Comics, including Sabrina and Riverdale, is very much alive and hopeful for the return of the series. The actress who plays Sabrina’s role, Kiernan Shipka, will be making a guest appearance in Riverdale Season 6.

There are high chances that Sabrina’s appearance in Riverdale will be an absolute hit and force Netflix to renew Chilling Adventures of Sabrina for another season!

Sabrina Season 5

As of yet, nothing is set in stone! The possibility of a fifth season is neutral, and it all just depends on Netflix now. 

Sabrina Season 5 Plot

After Sabrina dies in Season 4’s finale, she goes to Heaven. We see a small glimpse of her life in Paradise. Season 5 will pick the story up from here. We’ve seen characters die and come back to life several times in Chilling Adventures of Sabrina (including Harvey and Aunt Zelda). Thus, season 5 will probably deal with her friends and aunties trying to find a way to bring Sabrina back to life. A significant part of the storyline will also deal with Sabrina’s life in Heaven. Keeping in mind that she also meets Nick there, there’s a chance that Nick too is dead. There are way too many possibilities, and the producers have several ideas to explore in Season 5. 

Sabrina Season 5 Cast

The main cast will return for Season 5, including Kiernan Shipka, aka Sabrina Spellman. The blonde eyed beauty’s revival will be a significant part of the upcoming season. Apart from her, the following characters will also return in the fifth season. 

Ross Lynch- Harvey Kinkle- Sabrina’s ex, who is also her best friend.

Lucy Davis- Hildegard Spellman- Sabrina’s potion brewing Aunt. 

Miranda Otto- Zelda Spellman- Sabrina’s Aunt who is also the High Priestess of her coven.

Chance Perdomo- Amnrose Spellman- Sabrina’s warlock cousin. 

Jaz Sinclair- Roz Walker- Sabrina’s best friend. 

Lachlan Watson- Theodore Putman- Sabrina’s trans friend.

Gavin Leatherwood- Nicholas Scratch- A warlock who is Sabrina’s current boyfriend.

Sabrina Season 5 Trailer

Since the series is not renewed for a fifth season yet, fans need to remain patient. This is because a trailer is probably months away and won’t be coming out anytime soon.

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