Chainsaw Man Chapter 116 Release Date

Chainsaw Man Chapter 116 Release Date, Time, Where to Read It?

Denji, Yoshida, Asa, and the other members of the Devil Extermination Club get stuck in an aquarium that never ends. They only have rotten fish to eat. Asa has given up all hope, and Denji can’t help them get out because he doesn’t know where the Devil is. How will they stay alive in Chapter 116 of Chainsaw Man?

Will we be able to see how well Denji and Asa get along? The ending of Chainsaw Man made us want to know more. But don’t worry; it will be clear in Chapter 116.
Here, we’ll find out when the next chapter will come out, where to read it, and more. Next week, there will also be new chapters of One Piece (1071) and My Hero Academia (377). You can read them on the Shonen Jump website.

Chainsaw Man Chapter 116 Raw Scans

Chapter 116 is supposed to come out on January 4, 2023. But chapters have come out either every week or every two weeks. There’s also a chance that chapter 116 will come out on January 11, 2023. At midnight JST, people in Japan can read. For fans outside of the United States, the release date will be different.

Where To Read Chainsaw Man 116?

You can read the Chainsaw Man manga on a lot of sites and Telegram groups. Since you can’t be sure that your information will be safe after going to these websites. In order to keep your data safe,

We suggest that people who want to read this manga only do so on official and legal websites. You can get the chapter on time from Viz Media and Manga Plus. You can read the last three chapters for free on Viz media. Still, you have to sign up for a subscription if you want to read the whole manga.

Chainsaw Man Chapter 116 Spoilers

As of right now, we know that a devil put Asa, Denji, and the others in an aquarium. If they don’t have food and water, their chances of living are less. At the end of the chapter, we find out that Denji and Asa are sitting in a half-full fish tank and thinking about what to do next. Since Asa and Denji’s date has been ruined in every way. It means that they don’t get along, but on the bright side, Denji and Asa will have more time to get to know each other.

Asa has to decide whether or not to turn Denji into a weapon. But in the next chapter, we’ll find out if she kills Denji and saves everyone outside or if she lets Denji live, which could mean that everyone dies. Denji, on the other hand, will definitely do something strange. He has been in trouble like this before. But then the devil showed up, and now Denji can’t do anything because no one knows who set this trap.

Chainsaw Man Chapter 116 Release Date
Chainsaw Man Chapter 116 Release Date

We should remember that Yoshida is with them as well. He is told to keep an eye on Denji so that he doesn’t tell anyone who he really is. But that doesn’t mean he’ll stand by and let Denji and the others die. So far, we don’t know what Yoshida can do. If there is a fight, we will get a better idea of what he can do.

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Chapter 115 Short Recap

Asa is trying to figure out what to do. The toilet won’t flush, the fish have already started to rot, the clock has stopped, and the hall goes on forever. As she looked at the situation, she felt hopeless.

The president of the Devil Extermination Club makes fun of her for breaking her cell phone in the past. She asks him why he doesn’t turn into Chainsaw Man. He makes it clear that he’s not a Chainsaw man. Yoshida, on the other hand, asks Denji why he doesn’t want to help. Denji says that he doesn’t know where the devil is this time. Yoshida told Denji that he also had a phone from the start but that one signal alone was not enough to make a call.

Denji gets to Asa, who is sitting in a fish tank that is only half full. Denji tells her that some of the others are giving up, but she is still holding on. Are you okay? She’s been very hungry. Denji tells her to eat some fish, but she doesn’t want to. She says she’s sorry for bringing him here and tells him she wants to use him as a weapon.

But Denji doesn’t understand her, so he sits in the fish tank next to her. Denji asks Asa, in a very funny way, if she has ever tried to eat a starfish. Soon, everyone will be able to read Chainsaw Man Chapter 116. Once the raw scans and English spoilers are ready, we’ll post them here on Recent Highlights. So keep watching!

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