Between Us Episode 9 Release Date

Between Us Episode 8 Preview: Release Date, Time, Where to Watch It!

In recent years, the popularity of Thai BLS has skyrocketed, but the sizzling chemistry between the leads has had viewers on the edge of their seats. Thai actors Boun and Prem have become one of the most popular supporting couples thanks to their recurring roles in several popular television episodes. Boun and Prem have co-starred in nine series over the past three years, including the upcoming projects Between Us: The Series and My Broccoli.

Boun and Prem’s coupling debuted to the public in the 2019 Thai BL episode ‘Until We Meet Again,’ in which the duo played Win and Team. Their romance was rushed and sidetracked because both males portrayed the closest friends of the show’s two protagonists.

Fans have been requesting a spin-off series chronicling the development of Win-Team from best friends to a relationship ever since Boun and Prem’s connection as Win and Team became apparent. Between Us is a prequel to the new BL drama Until We Meet Again that provides a more serious look at the romantic path of tattooed bad guy Win and the ditzy but totally cute Team.

In contrast to the original 2019 series, the new spin-off puts the spotlight on Win and Team while moving Dean and Pharm’s story to the background. The highly anticipated spin-off series will not only follow Win and Team’s personal lives, but also explore how the couple develops a unique romantic dynamic distinct from that of Dean and Pharm.

As a fan of Until We Meet Again, you might be wondering when you can get your hands on this spin-off series. I guess it answers your question. The release date, time, and broadcast location for Episode 9 of Between Us are all listed below.

Where Can I Watch Between Us: The Series?

For the Record: On the channel Studio Wabi Sabi on YouTube, viewers from all around the world, including those in Thailand, will be able to watch the series. As is customary for the BL series on the channel, episodes will be released in four parts.

Subscription users of IQIYI, an international streaming portal, can view the episodes there. Since the NC (18+) parts will be included in their entirety on IQIYI, the episode will be longer there than it is on YouTube.

Between Us Episode 9 Release Date
Between Us Episode 9 Release Date

Between Us: The Series Episode 9 Release Date

On Sunday, January 8 at 11:45 p.m. Thailand Time, Season 9, Episode 9 of Between Us, will premiere around the world. At 12:45 p.m.

One season of the show will likely consist of 16 episodes. The average duration of an episode of Between Us will be between 45 and 50 minutes. Subtitled episodes will also begin to appear.

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How Many Episodes Will Between Us: The Series Have?

The official episode count for Between Us: The Series is sixteen, with a new episode premiering on Sundays. There will be ten more episodes after this one.

Win and Team have been trying to get closer to one another throughout the past few episodes. The two have always had a strong connection, but now that Win knows of Team’s traumas, the more experienced one is trying to help the younger one move past them. The win is a naturally nurturing person; thus, he sees it as his duty to ensure Team’s well-being as their relationship develops from platonic to romantic.

Is There A Trailer For Between Us: The Series?

I can confirm that this is the case! Below is a preview for Between Us: The Series, produced by Studio Wabi Sabi.

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