His Dark Materials Season 4

His Dark Materials Season 4: What is the Release Date Status? Latest Updates

Could there be a His Dark Materials season 4 after season 3’s ending, or other possible spinoffs? It’s possible, but there’s been no confirmation yet. His Dark Materials’ expansive fictional universe was inspired by Philip Pullman’s extensive body of work, which includes more than just the trilogy from which the show takes its name. Following Lyra Belacqua (Dafne Keen) and Will Parry (Amir Wilson) as they mature into young adults has been the meat and potatoes of the tale up until the eighth episode of His Dark Materials Season 3.

The third season of His Dark Materials was the most successful one to date. It resolved a lot of loose ends from the first season and reunited a lot of characters: When Lyra and Pantalaimon parted ways, she went to the afterlife. Will gains his own personal demon; Lord Asriel (James McAvoy) and Mrs. Coulter (Ruth Wilson) making the ultimate sacrifice to vanquish Metatron and protect their daughter. It’s a lot, but Lyra’s story has only just begun, so there’s room for more installments of His Dark Materials or other books centered on her in the future.

His Dark Materials Season 3 Is The End Of The Show

There’s a solid reason why season 3 of His Dark Materials is the last. Season 3 is based on the third and final book in the His Dark Materials trilogy, The Amber Spyglass, which brings an end to Lord Asriel’s struggle against the Authority and to Lyra and Will’s adventure together. The show’s narrative is finished now that Lyra and Will are separated in their respective realities and Mrs. Coulter and Lord Asriel have perished.

His Dark Materials Season 4 Won’t Happen, But Lyra’s Story Can Continue

The fourth season of His Dark Materials is unlikely, but there is an opportunity for more of Lyra’s journey. A straight sequel (or sequels) situated in the same world is possible, albeit it would probably not be the same program. Two volumes have been created by Philip Pullman regarding the lives of Lyra and Pan after His Dark Materials. Lyra’s Oxford is set two years after the events of The Amber Spyglass and features Lyra facing a furious witch whose son was killed in the war.

His Dark Materials Season 4
His Dark Materials Season 4

The Secret Commonwealth, the second installment of a planned trilogy titled The Book of Dust, picks up ten years after the events of His Dark Materials and finds Lyra enrolled at St. Sophia’s College, Oxford. As of yet, we have no confirmation that these events will take place, although the season 3 finale of His Dark Materials hinted at “another story,” leaving the door open for them to do so. Additionally, Radio Times reports that producer Jane Tranter is “actually very keen to make The Book of Dust.” However, it wouldn’t happen until after Pullman completes the third book (due late 2023), so at the earliest, we’d be looking at 2025.

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Dafne Keen Could Return As Lyra Belacqua

There’s also the matter of whether or not Dafne Keen, who plays Lyra in His Dark Materials, would return if the plot were to continue. While it’s safe to assume that most of the original cast won’t be making a return, Keen very well could. True, if it isn’t for a while, she’ll be the perfect age to portray Lyra in her early 20s. Fortuitously, Keen is also very enthusiastic about the prospect, telling Radio Times, “I wish I could [play Lyra] for the rest of my life.”

Will There Be Other His Dark Materials Spinoffs?

The His Dark Materials offshoot could grow in scope with the addition of an adaptation of The Book of Dust. Lyra is a major character in the sequel, yet she is just a baby in the first book, La Belle Sauvage. The opening sequence of His Dark Materials seasons 2 is an adaptation of La Belle Sauvage, in which baby Lyra is abandoned at Jordan College after a flood. The tale then follows Malcolm Polstead, a young boy who is determined to shield her from the evil forces surrounding her. A third volume in the series is planned that may give The Book of Dust show a strong narrative arc and extend the show to three seasons.

When might His Dark Materials Season four be Released?

It’s sad that we still need confirmation of a fourth season before we get any information about the premiere date. We wouldn’t expect to see this one until at least 2024, even if a new sequel is announced.

Once Upon a Time in the North, a novella by Pullman, is a possible prequel to His Dark Materials and could be adapted into a spinoff series. Rather than focusing on Lyra, this describes how Lee Scoresby and Iorek Byrnison, two notable secondary characters in His Dark Materials, initially met and eventually became friends and coworkers. There isn’t enough material for a whole season, but a His Dark Materials special may be entertaining if BBC and HBO were interested in delving deeper into this universe.

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