Weak Hero Chapter 220

Chapter 220: Weak Hero, Coming Soon! Eugen and the Grape Gang, Teddy’s Rko From Out of Nowhere

This chapter (220) of Weak Hero explains who the Mafia Boss was that ordered the hit on Eugene. Eugene has just gotten the best offer of his life. Eugene would visit his pal and make the necessary repairs. Gray’s adversary and the Mafia boss, on the other hand, have seen their reputations suffer as a result of Eugene’s success. Gray’s competitors and the Mafia boss had been completely undone by Eugen’s success.

The mob boss has dispatched some lowlifes to abduct Eugene. Gray knows that their rival wants to bring him down since they consider him a “Weak Hero,” while Euge and Gray have yet to uncover the truth about the Mafia Boss, but Gray, Gerrad, Alex, and Teddy are having a good time at the party hosted by Phillips.

Philips had assumed that none of the boys had licenses, but Gray rode his bike and showed the document to prove Philips wrong. The following day, Eugene goes to assist his pals in making repairs. However, his overweight pal was anxious. Eugene knows the obese guy will be pumped up after he’s finished mending the item. Through the splicing of a few wires, he brings smiles to the face of the overweight man.

The fat man is relieved that Eugene has fixed his item and admits that Eugene can perform miracles. Eugene is relieved to learn that the device has functioned, but he was concerned about its quality of light while testing at Han River. The overweight man is relieved that Eugene has fixed it and calls Eugene a genius.

He shared the news outlets’ account of the incident and spoke openly about the embarrassed district office workers who had allowed him to speak there. Eugen says the fat person has to quit calling him a genius because he’s a loser who can’t achieve anything unique. They finally make it to a place with lots of attractive women, and even the plump guy can’t deny that it’s gorgeous here.

Previously on Weak Hero Chapter 219

The green-haired guy joined Eugen and his obese pal to discuss the lighting work. They saw Teddy doing something nearby and invited him to come along. Dressed as a tiger, he is widely regarded as the sport’s top competitor. Teddy suddenly stands up and shouts “RKO” at the guy with green hair.

The green-haired guy does a signature move from a wrestling star by kissing the ground after he falls, and he wonders if Eugene has been watching “WWE RAW” every day. By revealing that Teddy has been working on what he calls his “RKO,” Teddy is worried that he would be ridiculed for his hallmark technique.

Though they agreed not to discuss it, he had no cause for alarm. Eugen is cognizant of the fact that Teddy has crafted a solid advertisement, which is helping him hone his promotional abilities. The German-cut, tattooed kook muses aloud about his plans to visit Noryngjing and wonders if anyone has heard him. Once the group of stoner punks discovers that the tattooed punk is being too loud, the guy with the short hair orders them to leave.

The purple-haired boss is busy with something, and his staff members are starting to get impatient. Grape sees the man and says they are waiting for Mok Ha Duo’s Call to find out if they have located Eugen. Grape and his gang have arrived to capture Eugene. Punks high on pot joke that Myles had an easy time of it on the job.

The high from the marijuana has made them impatient to the point where they feel like they can float. Grape finds out why Keum Wolf was kicked out of the gang and shares the information with everyone. As time goes on, he learns that Eugene has friends like Gray, who eventually cease looking out for him.

Weak Hero Chapter 220

Gray comes to school early in the day and quickly realizes that Eugen is missing. But Gray found out that Eugene had gone to Ddosik Chicken to fix the lights, so he and his pals headed there instead. At a later time, Eugen was overheard discussing free chicken coupons while strolling alone. The alley he’s in now is too dim for him to see properly.

Weak Hero Chapter 220 Release Date

The release date for Chapter 220 of Weak Hero is set for November 20th, 2022. Eugene recalls the events that occurred at Jet Black Alley in his mind. Euge is met by the Grape Gang, who express gratitude for his presence in their domain. It has not escaped Eugene’s attention that Yo Il and Paek Dong Ha are members of the Grape Gang. They start making fun of Eugene and bullying him. Updates have been made to Weak Hero, chapter 220.

Read Weak Hero Chapter 220 Online – Raw Details

The official websites currently have Weak Hero Chapter 220 available for reading. When Yo Il puts gum in Eugen’s hair, he sees a resemblance between Eugene and the stereotypical nerd, who is typically shown as having thick spectacles and oversized clothing. When Gray arrives, he sees a lifeless Eugen lying on the ground. Let’s get together once Weak Hero 220 is out.

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