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After the PlayStation State of Play June 2022 display, we learned when The Callisto Protocol release date is scheduled to arrive, capping up a development cycle that has been pretty eventful thus far, with plenty of news, leaks, and gameplay previews turning up to complement the set date.

In spite of the obvious curiosity for the title, not much has been revealed. Exploring The Callisto Protocol, it seems, will have some of its appeal in what hasn’t been stated so far. When playing a horror game, it’s better to avoid illuminating the scariest areas with a bright light so that your imagination may run wild. In any case, if you’re hungry for some meat, keep reading.

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What is The Callisto Protocol?

The Callisto Protocol is an unsettling survival horror game set in a prison colony in the year 2320, created by some of the minds behind the first Dead Space game. With this time jump comes terrifying monsters and cutting-edge weaponry. If the trailers are any indication, you’ll spend much of your time hiding and running away from the infested planet rather than employing any of that equipment.

Its grim atmosphere is spot on for Dead Space, and the opposite couldn’t be true. This is a must-see for fans of atmospheric existential horror, as it is widely regarded as a spiritual successor to the original.

The Callisto Protocol release date

The Callisto Protocol’s December 2 release date was announced during Sony’s recent State of Play. It included a gameplay preview and a trailer that ran for a total of two minutes.

So far, the gameplay has been slow and stressful, adding to the sense of isolation felt by our protagonist. In the months ahead, we should witness a flood of new details.

The Callisto Protocol canceled in Japan

The official Japanese Callisto Protocol account has stated that it will be closing down as a result of Japan’s stringent game rating system. They feel that the game’s experience would suffer too much if the content were removed in order to achieve a certain rating.

The Callisto Protocol single-player campaign

The Callisto Protocol, as far as we can tell, features a narrative-driven, single-player campaign. We’re also aware that you play Jacob Lee, a prisoner at Black Iron who, after an extraterrestrial invasion, has to make his way out of the facility.

To get back home, you and the other survivors will band together and share supplies. The premise alone is sufficient for further development, even if it isn’t immediately evident why he is being detained there or who you will inevitably run across.

Jenna Ortega Net Worth

The Callisto Protocol multiplayer?

There is currently no confirmation of a multiplayer feature, though it is not completely out of the question. After months of speculation, developer Glen Schofield finally confirmed on May 26 that The Callisto Protocol would not be set in the PUBG universe.

This raises the possibility that the game featured some form of multiplayer mode. With Dead Space 3’s production problems, it’s unlikely that The Callisto Protocol will feature a co-op mode like the previous game. It’s highly doubtful that we’ll be getting a multiplayer mode, but it’s not impossible.

The Callisto Protocol Platforms

The Callisto Protocol will be available on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, and PC, as far as we know right now.

Although a Cloud-based solution, similar to what we’ve seen with Kingdom Hearts and certain other graphics-intensive games, is possible, a Switch port is not currently in the works. Should anything alter, we will post an update here.

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