Bowen Yang Boyfriend is the Comedy Star Dating Anyone

Bowen Yang Boyfriend: is the Comedy Star Dating Anyone?

Bowen Yang has won our hearts over entirely. He became the first entirely Asian cast member in Saturday Night Live’s decades-long history when he joined the show’s cast in 2019. In a sketch where he competed with Simu Liu, the star of Shang-Chi, he boldly discussed becoming the first openly homosexual Asian cast member to appear on SNL. Bowen is well known for wearing his gay pride on his sleeve, but does he now have a romantic interest?

Before joining the cast the following year, Bowen began working for Saturday Night Live in 2018 as a writer. He is most known for creating characters like the Titanic’s iceberg and serving alongside Aidy Bryant as one of Weekend Update’s Trend Forecasters.  Bowen frequently portrays people that are honest about their sexuality because he is a gay man. One such sketch was Anya Taylor-Joy and Lil Nas X’s appearance in SNL’s Pride Month Song. What is known about Bowen’s romantic life is as follows.

Bowen Yang Boyfriend is the Comedy Star Dating Anyone (1)
Bowen Yang’s Boyfriend is the Comedy Star Dating Anyone (1)

Has Bowen Yang ever been in a relationship?

Particularly when it came to the tumultuous history he had with his parents, Bowen has been quite outspoken about his sexuality. He was gay when he was a teenager in China, and they discovered this by accident. Bowen has spoken candidly in a few interviews about his struggles to win his parents’ acceptance of his identity.

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Even gay conversion treatment was forced upon him. Since relocating to New York, he has successfully embraced his sexuality and used it in his humour. Bowen acknowledged in a 2020 interview with GQ that his connection with his parents has improved, and he no longer feels the need to hide his sexuality.

“Any distortion of what they saw as a normative sexual existence was so foreign to them that they were just trying to figure out how to make sure I was going to be OK,” Bowen said to GQ. “And the more I’ve come to understand that, the more they’ve said it themselves. We now have a fantastic relationship.

He has been very honest about his sexuality and his path to acceptance, but he has been coy about his present romantic situation. Bowen hasn’t stated whether he’s dating anyone or been open about his past relationships, claims Cheat Sheet. He has, however, previously cracked amusing gags on his love life in true comedian form.

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Bowen frequently posts images of himself with female SNL cast member Ego Nwodim that appear to be romantic. The two comedians have a running joke where they represent themselves as an on-again, off-again couple. These humorous posts demonstrate how close these two SNL actors are to one another. Bowen Yang is a true LGBT icon through and through, despite not being overly forthcoming about his love life.

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