Why Did Jelly and Bunnie Break Up Relationship Timeline!

Why Did Jelly and Bunnie Break Up: Relationship Timeline!

Although Jelly Roll and his wife Bunnie DeFord, better known by her stage moniker Bunnie XO, have been married since August 31, 2016, their relationship dates back much further. Jelly Roll’s real name is Jason DeFord. The couple has never shied away from expressing their love for one another in front of others, during interviews, or on social media. However, some might wonder how and why these two started dating.

The Couple Broke Up Briefly in 2018

Jelly Roll and Bunnie Xo temporarily parted ways in March 2018. Bunnie Xo, who was visibly upset, used the internet to inform her YouTube subscribers of the terrible news. It has been challenging, but ultimately for the best. I’m also not going to discuss the reason for our separation. She stated of her partner, who had since left their shared home, “He has his version, I have my own, but hopefully, one day we’ll be able to be friends.

Bunnie Xo’s decision to move to Austin and Las Vegas, where most of her pals were settled, suggested that the separation was final. Fortunately, the two separated for a brief period. They were able to make things right following their vacation to Vail, Colorado, and Jelly Roll was eager to resume his journey. “You bubble bear; I love you. I apologize for frequently acting like an a**hole. I f*****g missed you so badly. Let’s resume our ass-kicking, he remarked in a video blog.

Where Did Bunnie XO And Jelly Roll First Meet?

It turns out that Jelly Roll, 38, and Bunnie XO, 43, had their first kiss at one of his early performances in Las Vegas. Jelly Roll was performing in front of a crowd at the Country Saloon in Sin City when his future bride was there. But according to Taste of Country, Bunnie XO was unaware of the celebrity. However, it didn’t matter because the two had what some may call “love at first sight.”

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“We hit it off,” the singer-songwriter of “Son of a Sinner,” told Taste of Country Nights presenter Evan Paul. According to her, the saddest eyes in the room are those she fell in love with. He subsequently revealed this while appearing as a guest on King and the Sting and the Wing Clips, “She was with some abusive douchebag, and they came to a show, and we were backstage.”

“They dispersed, and I won’t act like I made my shot. She fired hers. We shared buddies. She uttered, “Yo. Just connect me to Jelly. I also smacked her with other stuff. I exclaimed, “Yo. I’ll be travelling there to do some content and video production. She responded, “Yeah! Come on!’ “Cool, well, I’m living in my van, so I’ll leave now,” I thought.

A True Love Relationship

The connection—and even the initial contact—that the couple has only served to sweeten their passion. According to Jelly Roll, it extends far below the surface. “I felt her soul,” Jelly Roll proclaimed. “I could just tell she was sincere when I hugged her. It wasn’t acting; I could tell that.

Some may find this match strange. Jelly Roll claims that the mismatched husband and wife, who have a six-year age difference, ignore them while they are in public view. He occasionally even finds the looks and misunderstandings amusing.

Jelly Roll declares, “I get tickled pink.” “My favourite thing is that I adore when they refer to her as a gold digger. She despises it. She becomes enraged by it; it only fuels her fire. But the fact that I was living out of a 1996 conversion van when I met her tickles my pink just because of that. I, Popeye, was the one who was prospecting for gold. I was the one looking around over here. I eventually made it to the bedroom while couch surfing.

For Jelly Roll, meeting Bunnie XO was a blessing.

Finding one other was fortunate for Jelly Roll, who considers his wife ” selfless “. He was a broke musician before they even met, as previously indicated. Additionally, he had trouble leaving the legal system. Jelly Roll was raised in a mobile home community with a father who sold meat and a mother who battled addiction and mental illness. Jelly Roll spent almost ten years in and out of prison.

He didn’t know he needed to make significant changes until his daughter Bailee Ann was born. When a guard rapped on his cell door in 2008, he informed him that his daughter was born that day. “Bunnie assisted me in raising my kid. She has been in our care for the past nine years. Regarding his wife, who is also Noah DeFord’s stepmother, Jelly Roll says, “It simply takes a genuine, unselfish person to assist raise a child they didn’t birth.

The Married Couple has been together for six years.

As for Bunnie XO, she started her career on YouTube as a high school dropout before falling head over heels for Jelly Roll. She is a successful podcast host and exotic model who hosts The Dumb Blonde Podcast. “We got married kind of randomly,” Jelly Roll says of the couple, who celebrated six years of marriage this year.

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“I went onstage at a Yelawolf/Deftones event and proposed to her. I believe that was [Las] Vegas. So it’s about 11:00. They’re shutting down the establishment near HardRock, and I’m like, “F*** it.” Let’s leave right away. She said the courthouse would remain open for another 34 to 44 minutes. ‘Let’s fu**ing roll,’ I said.

“We persisted. We resembled a story that no one ever considered. My dearest buddy, she is. She is,” Jelly Roll continued. She has helped me. She aided me in launching a successful music career. See some of the images from Jelly Roll and Bunny XO’s love story below, taken from Jelly’s Instagram feed.

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