Will Reeve Wife is He Married Love Life and Relationship Status!

Will Reeve Wife: is He Married? Love Life and Relationship Status!

William Reeve is a journalist, former actor, and ABC television reporter. He currently works for Good Morning America as a correspondent. The TV personality has moreover previously collaborated with MthreeG Network and ESPN. Will Reeve is most known as the son of late Superman actor Christopher Reeve and his wife, Dana Reeve, as well as a host and former actor.

The ABC reporter has kept most of his personal affairs out of the public eye, even thoughessional life has been shared for many ye the realm of show business; it can be challenging to keep things under wraps, particularly when paparazzi are physically hunting superstars. However, the former actor did a great job hiding his relationship; nobody knew he had a girlfriend until he made it known on his Instagram account.

Reeve is renowned for being secretive off-camera despite this. As a result, his admirers are unaware of the details of his connection. In this article, let’s learn more about Lexi Henkel, Will Reeve’s girlfriend. In addition, let’s look at their romantic history to see how their relationship develops.

Will Reeve, is he married?

Will Reeve grew up in the spotlight as the son of deceased Superman star Christopher Reeve and dead Oz actress Dana Reeve. The 1992-born Massachusetts native was just three years old when his father suffered a spinal cord injury from falling off a horse in 1995, leaving him paraplegic from the neck down.

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Will has continued to advocate for the Christopher & Dana Reeve Foundation since his mother died from lung cancer in 2006 at 44 and his father passed away in 2004 at 52. The organization aims to enhance paralysis research and care for affected individuals, families, and communities.

Will has a few acting roles, including one in The Brooke Ellison Story from 2004. In 2015, ESPN offered the activist the chance of a lifetime to enter a position he felt would make his parents proud. The reporter told People in January 2015, “I know that I have to keep up my end of the bargain too to make sure that I work hard and live up to the standards they so beautifully and gracefully set.”

“It’s an honour to have the chance to do this challenging, enjoyable work for it.” Will frequently opens up on television about his origins and family, but he keeps his personal life somewhat more secret. The actor of In the Gloaming has never been married and has no children.

Will Reeve is now dating?

Will’s Instagram is jam-packed with images taken while spending time with his half-siblings, Matthew Reeve and Alexandra Reeve Givens, as well as famous people he has spoken to. The ABC News star shared a few exclusive pictures with his girlfriend Lexi Henkel over the years. The Maverick Ventures investor is a Yale University alum. She has previously held positions at TMRW Life Sciences and Morgan Stanley.

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Will referred to Lexi as the “love of my life” in February 2020, but since they attended a wedding together in March 2020, he hasn’t shared a picture of the two of them on Instagram. Since then, the couple has kept their relationship’s status a secret.


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