_Little Mermaid Star Jacob Tremblay on Flounder Mockery

Little Mermaid Star Jacob Tremblay on Flounder Mockery

Jacob Tremblay has commented on the parodying of his live-action The Little Mermaid character. Later this month, Disney will debut its most recent live-action remake. When the company released a first look at several of the characters in April, many made fun of Flounder’s appearance.

The one-sheet poster for Flounder, the Fish, portrayed by Jacob Tremblay in the movie, was mocked for looking so uninteresting and having little to no relation to the character from the animated feature. One commenter wrote: “The small yellow shade is all the soul left in Flounder after Disney tried to suck the soul out of him,” and another said: “YOU ARE NOT FLOUNDER WHO ARE YOU.”


“Hi, Disney… One person wrote: “I feel bad for the animators when they were told to humanize a f***in’ crab AND make him realistic, Disney set them up for failure.” Another tweet read: “Maybe there was a REASON all the fish were animated.” At the film’s premiere, 16-year-old Tremblay was questioned by Variety about the reaction to Flounder.

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He retorted that I had seen the design when I walked in for my audition. I had unwavering faith in Rob [director Marshall]. Since that resembled the puppet they used on set, I thought it looked fantastic. Tremblay continued, “And then, of course, when I went and saw the film – I watched it last night – and I think it works so well.”

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Although he “can imagine” Flounder “looking different,” he insisted that the design team were “geniuses” for coming up with a solution that works. The movie, an adaptation of the 1989 animated picture, stars Halle Bailey as Ariel. However, those who sing along to the hit songs from the film will find that they are mispronouncing the lyrics because Lin-Manuel Miranda and co-writer Alan Menken changed the lyrics to make them more relevant for modern audiences.


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