Is Angel Brinks Pregnant Again She Revealed Their Pregnancy

Is Angel Brinks Pregnant Again: She Revealed Their Pregnancy

The Basketball Wives actress and her boyfriend Roccstar announced her pregnancy earlier today. So grateful for my family, my love, my success, and—speaking of birth—the moment is now. A Basketball Wives star, Angel Brinks, dispelled rumors that she was pregnant. The well-known fashion designer made her pregnancy news public.

Who Is ‘Basketball Wives’ Star Angel Brinks’s Baby Daddy?


With NBA player Tyreke Evans in her second relationship, and her late ex-husband, who committed suicide in her first, Angel also has two more kids from two different relationships. The reality TV show is now sharing the details of her birth, leaving viewers gushing over her baby.

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She and her deceased ex-partner had a child together, Azari. Season 10 of the reality show debuted on May 16, 2022. Even though Angel Brinks announced her pregnancy last week, things weren’t going well for her and the child.

Details of Baby Alert! Basketball Wives Star Roccstar and Angel Brinks

Couple Roccstar and the Basketball Wives star revealed their pregnancy. Brinks, born in Los Angeles, California, in 1982 and is 39 years old, also makes an unscheduled speech on her birthday, which is on the nineteenth.

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Angel Brinks, a reality television star and fashion designer, has announced that she is expecting her first child. The star of Basketball Wives LA broke the exciting news. Angel Brinks is a famous person who joined the fourth season of “Basketball Wives LA” as a friend because of her marriage to Tyreke Evans.



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