Who's Reggie Jackson's Wife All About Jennie Campos (3)

Who’s Reggie Jackson’s Wife? All About Jennie Campos

Baseball legend and former professional player Reginald Martinez Jackson participated in Major League Baseball. Reggie had a lengthy career of 21 seasons in Major League Baseball, making his MLB debut in 1967 while playing for the Kansas City Athletics.

He played his final game with the same team, now known as the Oakland Athletics, in 1987.  The player’s performance was never viewed as declining over the years, and he had a fantastic batting average of.262 with 563 home runs.

Reggie has won every honor and trophy there is in Major League Baseball, including five World Series titles, World Series MVP, home run leader, and numerous others. He has one of the most successful baseball careers, and his gorgeous wife’s support was essential to making all of this happen. So, this page will give you all the information you need on Reggie Jackson’s wife, Jennie Campos.

Who is the wife of Reggie Jackson?

Jennie Campos?

Jennie Campos, a Senior Consultant with the US Agency for International Development, is the wife of Reggie Jackson. The adorable couple had a long-standing romance before getting married in 1968. At the University of Hawaii at Manoa, Jennie finished her education and earned her M.Ed.

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She worked at many educational institutions and was a very intelligent woman.  Reggie Jackson’s excellent career was in large part due to Jennie, who supported him even after their divorce. She enjoys traveling, dancing, walking, and gardening. She also has a large lawn with lovely flowers and trees that she has planted throughout the years.

Jennie  Campos Height, weight, and age

Jennie Campos, who is currently 7 years old, was born in Miami, Arizona, on April 30, 1946. She is 65 kg tall and 5 ft 6 inches wide.

How did Reggie Jackson and Jennie Campos first meet?

In their college, Reggie Jackson and Jennie Campos had their first encounter. They both attended the same college and become close friends there. After getting to know Jennie Campos, Reggie fell in love with her and asked her out on a date. Later, they both fell in love with one another and in 1968, they were married.

Do Jennie Campos and Reggie Jackson have kids?

One kid was born to Reggie Jackson and Jennie Campos. The gorgeous pair, who had been dating since their undergraduate days, wed in 1968 after a protracted engagement. After a few years of marriage, they welcomed Kimberly Jackson, their only child, into the world.

Jennie  Campos Religion, nationality, and ethnicity

Jennie Campos attended Arizona State University for her undergraduate studies after growing up in Miami, Arizona. She currently works for the US Agency for International Development, proving that she is an American citizen. She attends churches often and especially on special occasions because she is a Roman Catholic.

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Jennie Campos’s net Worth and Annual Income

The enormous $5 million net worth of Jennie Campos has been accumulated through a variety of sources of income. She has over the years worked in several education development centers and is a committed employee at one of the centers. Their projected annual income of Jennie is over $750,000.


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