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Evelyn Lozada And Lavon Lewis Has Gotten Engaged

Evelyn Lozada And Lavon Lewis Has Gotten Engaged

Evelyn Lozada And Lavon Lewis Has Gotten Engaged

The love department was a slam dunk for Evelyn Lozada! The 47-year-old former Basketball Wives star, who she met on Peacock’s Queens Court, is engaged to Lavon Lewis, can exclusively confirm. In December, at a small gathering in Los Angeles with friends and family, Lewis, 42, proposed to Lozada.

Evelyn is difficult to surprise, according to the co-founder of the marketing company, who spoke to. “I advised her to get ready because we were leaving. Until she reached the front door, she was wearing a blindfold. She entered the room to roughly 20 close friends and family members, large “marry me” messages, roses scattered across the floor, and other such things.”

The proposal also included a personalized cake with butterflies on it, with the words “Happy Birthday” on one side and “She said, “Yes” on the other. Lozada, who had a brief marriage to NFL star Chad “OchoCino” Johnson in 2012, wasn’t expecting the proposal, even though she and Lewis had previously discussed getting married. In reality, just two of Lewis’s pals and Lozada’s manager were aware of his engagement plans.

Lozada claims, “I didn’t know that he was going to propose that day. “I had no idea what I was getting myself into. Being the strong, independent woman that I am, I was a little annoyed by his cunning behavior and wondered why I had to pack. Why must I perform this? I found it quite difficult to just let go and let him go about his business.”

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Lozada adored the Twila True ring Lewis chose despite wanting to be in the know. Its size and shape were ideal, according to Lozada, who collaborated with Twila True on her BX Glow jewelry collection. “He did an amazing job, as I’ve never had that stone. But, I’m not shocked. Lavon has a creative imagination and is a good memory.”

In Queens Court, Lozada dated a group of 21 men who might become their future kings, along with singers Tamar Braxton and Nivea. Lozada first met Lewis in the second episode, and even though their chemistry deepened throughout the series, the reality star was concerned that the fact that she lives in Los Angeles and he does not—could prove to be a barrier to their relationship.

Lewis and Lozada still reside on different coasts, but according to Lozada, “Lavon has been very aggressive in ensuring he gets on a plane to come to visit.” Lewis says he intends to move once his 13-year-old son Jordan enters high school so he and Lozada can unite their families.

Over the holidays, Jordan also got to meet Lozada’s son Leo, age 8, and “they were like two peas in a pod,” according to Lozada, who is also the mother of Shaniece Hairston, 29, her daughter from a previous relationship. Jordan would be dozing off in the morning, and Leo would want to wake him up so they could jump on the trampoline at 7:30.

It should come as no surprise that Lewis wants his son to be involved in this new stage of his life given how highly he and his wife cherish their children. “I make sure he participates in every conversation so he doesn’t think it’s just about me. Our path is it “Lewis argues. “Even sending an “I love you” text to Evelyn. Goodnight.’ I’m glad that they are so close because that makes me happy.” Lewis also refers to Lozada as “the most amazing woman I’ve met” even though he had no idea he would fall in love on the show.

Lewis acknowledges, “I told my pals that I don’t believe in the process before the show started. “I thought when I entered the show, “They called me, this is a fresh journey. The fun will be had. Although I tend to be quiet and reserved, why not try something different? You can’t find love in a situation like this, can you? Is this not possible?”

Lewis aspires to encourage viewers of Queens Court to take chances in this way. I would encourage individuals to push themselves, have faith, and think creatively, he says. “I never imagined that I would enter it without a wife and leave it with one. But see what transpires when you put yourself out there, confront your fears, and accept responsibility.”

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The fact that she, Braxton, 45, and Nivea, 40, connected on the show, according to Lozada, is evidence that you can find love at any age. In the season finale, Braxton even got engaged. When you reach 40, you may feel as though your life is ended, according to Lozada. “Just keep plugging away at it. Never lose hope in love.” Now, Lozada and Lewis are eagerly anticipating their winter wedding.

Lozada quips, “We know I’m not going to wear white. “But I’m only now trying to determine how this will appear. I have a tonne of things saved on Instagram that I could wear.” In Queens Court, Lozada said she felt that she had “settled” in previous relationships, but she doesn’t see Lewis from that perspective. She tells, “I’ve never encountered this enthusiasm. “I had the wrong person in my life, it’s obvious in retrospect.”


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