Kodi Lee Net Worth

Kodi Lee Net Worth: How Much Money Does He Make?

Korean-American musician and composer Kodi Lee. In Episode 1401 of America’s Got Talent, he auditioned and was given the coveted golden buzzer. Union, moved by his performance, used her Golden Buzzer to advance Kodi to the quarterfinals.

Kodi triumphed in the end, taking home the $1 million prize and performing as the Las Vegas show’s headliner. As a blind, autistic musical prodigy savant, his abilities are astounding. Only about 25 people in the world today have his extraordinary abilities, making him one of a kind. In this article, we talk about Kodi Lee Net Worth and many other things related to him.

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Kodi Lee Net Worth

American singer-songwriter Kodi Lee Net has a net worth of $8 Million. He is another kid who got famous because of a talent show. America’s Got Talent was the show he chose and where he made his name. After that, he became one of the most well-known stars in the world. In the 14th season of “America’s Got Talent,” he got to show off his talent.

Kodi Lee Net Worth
Kodi Lee Net Worth

Kodi Lee Early Life

Kodi Lee’s parents, a Korean dad, and an American mom welcomed their first child on July 7, 1996. He and his siblings, Derek Lee and Kayla Lee grew up in Temecula, California. Looking for the identity of Kodi Lee’s sibling? Kayla Lee has a sizable following on social media and even has her own YouTube channel.

They all made an appearance backstage to cheer Kodi on during his AGT auditions, and she was there to encourage him. For those wondering, yes, Kodi Lee does have a disability. As it turns out, Kodi was born with a defect in his optic nerve that rendered him totally blind. He, too, was diagnosed with autism at a young age.

”In spite of his autism, he is a phenomenal musical virtuoso with abilities that would be remarkable even in a neurotypical.”

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Kodi Lee Career

Before the AGT audition in 2019 that would change Kodi’s life for good, he was already a good singer and pianist. Kodi was very interested in music from a young age. Soon, he would start singing and travel all over the world to play music.

Kodi Lee can make a living because he often plays at music events, restaurants, and wineries. Popular Net Worth says that Kodi’s earnings are around $1.5 million right now. Career plays a massive role in Kodi Lee Net worth.

Kodi Lee Personal Life

Our records show that Kodi Lee is likely single and has never been engaged before. Kodi Lee is not with anyone as of January 12, 2023. We don’t know anything about Kodi Lee’s past relationships. You might be able to help us find out when Kodi Lee was born.

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