Josh Blue Net Worth

Josh Blue Net Worth: How Much He Earned From His Career?

Today we talk about Josh Blue Net Worth. Josh Blue, the first comic with a disability, became an overnight phenomenon after he won NBC’s Last Comic Standing. He is known for making cerebral palsy seem smart (2003). There was a second season of Comedy Central Presents: Josh Blue in 2009, and the first ever Josh Blue show premiered in 2012.

The critically and commercially successful Sticky Change featured him in the lead role. He began perfecting his kind of self-deprecating stand-up comedy while he was a student at The Evergreen State College in Olympia, Washington.

This comedian, who has cerebral palsy, won the fourth season of the NBC reality show Last Comic Standing and has become somewhat famous as a result. Not only has he been featured on the Mind of Mencia episode of Comedy Central’s Comics Unleashed, but he has also made appearances on Ellen.

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Josh Blue Early Life

Josh Blue has risen through the ranks to become a well-established headliner at venues all over the world since his historic 2006 victory on NBC’s Last Comic Standing. Josh completely nailed it on Jimmy Fallon’s Tonight Show in 2018.

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That same year, he was invited to perform at the William H. Macy Gala during the prestigious Just for Laughs Comedy Festival in Montreal, Canada. In December of last year, he went into his local Denver, Colorado, club, Comedy Works, to record his fifth-hour special.

Over the course of a year, Josh performs over 200 shows, all while spreading joy and dispelling stereotypes about people with disabilities. His stand-up routine is always evolving, and his ability to improvise on the fly ensures that no two of his performances are ever the same.

Josh Blue Net Worth

As an American comedian, Josh Blue has amassed a net worth of $1 million. In the month of November 1978, Josh Blue was born in Cameroon. His break came when he won the fourth season of Last Comic Standing, an NBC reality show.

Josh Blue Net Worth
Josh Blue Net Worth

Blue, who suffers from cerebral palsy, is known for making jokes about his condition. He first performed on open mic nights at The Evergreen State College before eventually becoming the 2002 Comedy Works New Talent Search program winner.

Josh Blue Personal Life

Blue and his family—his son Simon and daughter Saika—are currently based in Denver, Colorado. His sculptures and paintings are also available for purchase. Because Blue has cerebral palsy, specifically spastic hemiplegic cerebral palsy, many of his jokes revolve around his disability, how he copes with it, and how others view him.

In order to “make people aware of the fact that those with limitations can have an impact,” Blue went on Last Comic Standing. When asked why the palsy punch is so strong in a fight, he responded that “first of all, they don’t know where the punch is coming from, and second of all, neither do I.

Josh Blue Career

While attending Evergreen State College, Blue got his start in comedy by performing open mic shows. Blue began building a name for himself on the comedy circuit after audiences reacted positively to his self-deprecating humor.

He won the prestigious Comedy Works New Faces competition in 2002. He has appeared on Comedy Central’s Mind of Mencia multiple times.  Blue won $10,000 for winning first place in the 2004 Royal Flush Comedy Competition at the Las Vegas Comedy Festival.

He was the first comedian to do stand-up on The Ellen DeGeneres Show after winning the 2006 season of NBC’s reality show Last Comic Standing. Live with Regis and Kelly, Comics Unleashed, and countless appearances on Fox, CBS, ABC, and MSNBC are among his other television credits. He had an appearance in the low-budget horror flick Feast III: The Happy Finish in 2009.

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