Colin Firth Net Worth 

Colin Firth Net Worth: How Much Does He Earn?

Colin Andrew Firth, better known as Colin Firth, is an English actor, producer, and screenwriter. He was born in Grayshott, U.K., on September 10, 1960, to David Norman Lewis Firth and Shirley Firth. Since 1983, his career has taken off.

He got the Best Actor in a Leading Role Academy Award. Colin Firth’s first book was called “The Department of Nothing.” It was written and published by him. The work went up and up until it got to Speaking with the Angel in the year 2000.

He worked in many different ways to help everyone who came to him. Colin Firth has been a strong supporter of Survival International for a long time (a non-governmental organization). The group’s job is to defend and protect the rights of tribal people when it’s necessary.

Colin Firth Net Worth

I think Colin Firth has a net worth of about $25 million. People think that his acting job is how he makes money.

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Colin Firth Height & Weight

Colin Firth is an English actor. He is 1.87 meters tall, which is 6 feet 2 inches. He stands 1.87 meters tall. His body weight is 167.5 lb, which is the same as 76 kg.

Colin Firth Nationality

Colin Firth is an English actor who has won awards. He was born in the United Kingdom, in Grayshott (U.K).

Colin Firth Age

Colin Firth was born in Grayshott, United Kingdom, on September 10, 1960. In December 2022, he will be 62 years old.

Colin Firth Education

Colin Firth has done well in school. He went to Barton Peveril College, the National Youth Theatre of Great Britain, the Drama Centre London, and Kings’ School.

Colin Firth Education 
Colin Firth Education

Colin Firth Wife

There have been rumors that Colin Firth is dating a TV writer named Maggie Cohn.

Colin Firth Children

Colin Firth is the dad of three (3) kids. What are their names? Firth, Will, Firth, Luca, Matthew Firth.

Colin Firth Parents

David Norman Colin Firth’s father is Lewis Firth, and his mother is Lewis Firth’s wife, Shirley Firth.

Colin Firth Siblings

Colin Firth has two sisters and one brother. Jonathan and Katie Firth are their names.

Colin Firth Movies and Tv Shows

Love Actually came out in 2003, Pride and Prejudice came out in 1995, Bridget Jones’s baby came out in 2006, Mamma Mia! came out in 2006, A Single Man came out in 2009, Easy Virtue came out in 2008, What a Girl Wants to come out in 2003, and Supernova will come out in 2020. Colin Firth is known for this and a lot of other things.

Colin Firth Instagram

Colin Firth’s Instagram account is not clear. There are a number of accounts that are for fans of the Actor. The beauty of celebrities is shown by their bodies. Many of us love to keep up with the bodies and styles of our favorite celebrities. We know about it. Colin Firth stands at 1.87 m tall. About 76 kg is how much he weighs. Weight is a value that is always changing. You’re looking at the most recent value of his weight right now.

Colin Firth Girlfriend

How many times has Colin Andrew Firth Cbe been married? Some of his personal life has been shown here to make you want to know more. We’re going to put some important information on a table here, like affairs, marital status, spouse, hobbies, and so on. We’ve put information about his favorite people, things, and other things in this section. Look at the table to find out if your favorite person is married.

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