Animated Lure Net Worth

Animated Lure Net Worth: How Was The Shark Tank Pitch Of It?

Animated Lures United States Base is a company that makes electronic fishing lures that can swim on their own. This company makes fishing lures that swim on their own, which makes it easy to catch fish.

There are a lot of people who like to go fishing, and some of them do this all the time. People go to the river to fish, but they have to wait a long time because of their fishing gear. Even when people wait for fish, they don’t always get them.

So this moving lure solves the same problem as phishing. When you use this item, it’s easy to catch fish. They have river fishing lures with names like Premium Salt Water, Premium Mini, Premium Classic, and Premium Mini. This gives the fish the impression that it can eat this fish.

Animated Lure Net Worth

How much is Animated Lure net worth? It’s 500,000 dollars. During the pandemic, though, the way he ran his business hurt him. Because of this, his net worth went down by 40%. Now, things are slowly getting better, and his product sales are also going up. You can buy this product on Amazon and on their official website. Their price is $32.95, but it depends on the size of the product.

Who Is The Founder Of Animated Lure?

Sobhan Sanaee and Kanz Kayfan started Animated Lure together. Maleki Hassam brought them together to make this motorized fishing tackle system in 2015. Their journey as a startup is about to start. He turned a real solution to a problem into an idea for his startup.

Even before the animated show Shark Tank came out, their products were already on the market. He did this by making a good amount of money. Their sales rate is very good because it speaks to people and solves their problems.

How Was The Shark Tank Pitch Of Animated Lure?

Sobhan Sanaee and Kanz Kayfan told a real story about their product when they went to Shark Tank. He asked Shark for $325,000 in exchange for 10% of his company. When Shark agreed, he asked for a sales report from the company.

Animated Lure Net Worth
Animated Lure Net Worth

Kevin O’Leary agreed to put money into this new business after making a lot of decisions about it. They finished the deal by paying $325,000 for 10% plus $3 per unit in royalties until $1 million is paid back.

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What Happened To Animated Lure After Shark Tank?

When animated lures stopped going on Shark Tank, they didn’t sell as well. When they were on Shark Tank, their product was advertised for free on a national TV channel, and a lot of people wanted to get their hands on it.

In the same week, their sales rate had gone up six times from what it had been. This is a big deal. This company got a lot of orders after this episode of Shark Tank aired, but the number of orders also went down as time went on.

Animated Lure Shark Tank Update

Kevin O’Leary joined this company as a partner, but there is no proof yet that he has closed the deal with this company. The social media account for this company hasn’t been used since November 26, 2021. This company’s products will be available on both its website and Amazon in November 2022.

Is Animated Lure Still In Business?

In November 2022, this self-swimming fishing lure will be available on Amazon, but it doesn’t have a very good rating there. In November 2022, 33% of Amazon customers gave this product 1 star, and 33% gave it 5 stars. People have said that this Charging Self-Swimming Fishing Lure often doesn’t work right. As of November 2022, Animated Lure is still in business.




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