Shelley Duvall Net Worth

Shelley Duvall Net Worth 2023: How Wealthy is She ?

Shelley Duvall is an American actress, and in this article, we’ll talk about her age, whether or not she’s dating, her family, and how much money she has. So, keep reading for more information.

Who Is Shelley Duvall?

Shelley Alexis Duvall was born in the United States on July 7, 1949. She is an actress and producer. She is known for playing unique and often strange characters.

She has won an award at the Cannes Film Festival and a Peabody Award. She has also been nominated for a British Academy Film Award and two Primetime Emmy Awards.

Shelley Duvall Early Life

Duvall was born in Fort Worth, Texas, to Bobbie Ruth Crawford and Robert Duvall. Before he became a lawyer, her father sold cattle at auction, and her mother was a real estate agent.

Scott, Shane, and Stewart were all younger than her when they were growing up. Duvall’s family moved around a lot when she was young because of her father’s job, but when she was five, they settled in Houston. As a child, Duvall was said to be very active and interested in both art and science.

Shelley had perfect grades in high school. After she graduated from Waltrip High School in 1967, she went to South Texas Junior College to study nutrition and diet therapy. She also began selling makeup at the department store Foleys.

Shelley Duvall Career Highlights

When Duvall met director Robert Altman in the 1970s, she started acting. She was in the background of a few of his movies. Because of how well they worked together, she was able to get parts in Hollywood movies, like the role of Bud Cort in “Brewster McCloud.”

In 1971’s “McCabe & Mrs. Miller,” she played a bride who was unhappy with her marriage. In 1976’s “Buffalo Bill and the Indians,” she played a wild woman. Because of how well she did in these roles, Shelley started getting offers for other parts and eventually became well-known.

In the 1991 action movie “Suburban Commando,” which starred WWE star Hulk Hogan, she played Jenny Wilcox, Charlie Wilcox’s wife (Christopher Loyd). During this time, two solo albums came out. One of them was all about holiday music.

Shelley had a funny part on an episode of Jane Campions from 1996. In a family comedy from 1988, she played a mother. After she became a big star, she started to act in horror movies like “Tale of the Mummy” (1998) and “The 4th Floor” (1999).Also, Bobby Lasley is said to have a net worth of $4 million. Learn about his career and sources of income!

In 2000, Shelly was in a few comedies and had smaller roles in other shows. She played Duff’s aunt in the movie “Dreams in the Attic.” The movie was bought by Disney Channel, but it was never shown.

Shelley Duvall Net Worth

According to celebrity net worth, Shelley Duvall is an American actress with a net worth of $500,000. Duvall is most likely best known for his roles as Olive Oyl in the 1980 movie version of “Popeye” and Wendy Torrence in Stanley Kubrick’s “The Shining.”

Shelley Duvall has been nominated for and won awards for her unique and quirky characters at the Cannes Film Festival, the British Academy Awards, and the Primetime Emmy Awards.

Shelley Duvall Kids

Duvall has been with a lot of different people over the course of her life. At first, she was interested in Bernard Sampson. They got married in 1970 when Duvall was really getting going as an actor. Four years later, when he had reached his personal peak, they broke up.

In 1976, when she was making the movie “Annie Hall,” she met Paul Simon. After some time, they fell in love and moved in together, but their relationship only lasted two years before they broke up.

Shelley Duvall Net Worth
Shelley Duvall Net Worth

Once Duvall put Simon in touch with her friend Carrie Fisher, there were signs of trouble in paradise. Duvall met Dan Gilroy after they broke up, and the two have been together since 1989.

Shelley Duvall Honours And Awards

During her long career, Duvall was nominated for many awards and won a few of them. In 1997, she won her first award for the movie “3 Women.” She also won Best Actress at the Cannes Film Festival and was nominated for Best Actress at the National Society of Film Critics that same year.


In 1984, the prestigious Peabody Award was given to her for her work on the movie “Faerie Tale Theatre.” Between 1988 and 1998, she was nominated for two Emmys and one Gemini.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Shelley Duvall’s age?

Shelley Duvall will be 73 years old in 2022.

Who is Shelley Duvall’s Mom and Dad?

Shelley Duvall was born to Robert Richardson Duvall, the father, and Bobbie Ruth Crawford, the mother (Mother).

What does Shelley Duvall look like?

Shelley Duvall has a height of 5 feet 7 inches.

How rich is Shelley Duvall?

Shelley Duvall is worth about $500,000. She doesn’t work in Hollywood anymore.

Where Does Shelley Duvall Get Her Money?

Shelley Duvall’s net worth comes from her work in movies, on TV, and from endorsements. She has been in a lot of movies and shows on TV.

Husband and Partner of Shelley Duvall

Shelley Duvall married painter Bernard Sampson in 1970, but they split up in 1974. After the divorce, she started dating singer and songwriter Paul Simon in New York in 1976. After two years together, they broke up. Dan Gilroy is her boyfriend, and they have been together since 1989. Dan is a musician and used to be the lead singer for the band The Breakfast Club.

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