Stetson Bennett Net Worth

Stetson Bennett Net Worth 2023: Height, Weight, Career, and All Facts!

Stetson Bennett IV is the quarterback for the Georgia Bulldogs, which plays in the National Football League. He is definitely one of the players that scouts from professional teams are keeping an eye on. The way he acts and talks on the field shows that he is getting better with each game. He looks like he will be one of the best and most important prospects for the NFL Draft in 2022.

Stetson Bennett Early Years

Stetson was born in the town of Blackshear in Georgia on October 28, 1998. His parents are Denise and Stetson Bennet. His dad, Stetson Bennett III, owns three pharmacies within a 30-mile radius. He knows that it’s important to go after your dreams. Stetson went to Pierce County High School in 2017, Georgia College in 2017, Jones County Junior College in 2018, and Georgia (2019–present). Bennett graduated from high school as a two-star quarterback. He played quarterback at Pierce County High School.

Stetson Bennett Career

In his first year at Georgia, Bennett joined the team as a walk-on. Jake Fromm, who was also a freshman, led Georgia to the national title game. Bennett did not take a single snap during the whole season. In high school, Justin Fields got 5 stars and chose to play quarterback for Georgia in 2018. Bennett chose to attend Jones County Junior College. Stetson played in 12 games after he moved. He threw for 16 touchdowns and 1,840 yards. After playing for Jones County for one season, he used the portal to switch to another team for the second time.

Before he switched schools, Stetson was a three-star prospect. He was going to Louisiana, but he went back to Georgia instead. After Fields went to Ohio State, the Bulldogs needed a new quarterback to back up their starting quarterback. Stetson got a scholarship from Georgia so he could go to college. Stetson would be willing to be Georgia’s backup quarterback and take over the job. Bennett would finish the season as the backup to Jake Fromm, with two touchdowns and one interception. Stetson also scored by running the ball into the end zone. Jake Fromm got hurt during the SEC Championship Game, so he took over.

Stetson Bennett Personal Life

When it comes to his personal life, we know that he is currently dating Cameron Liss, a beautiful young woman from his hometown. The couple is probably having the best time of their lives right now, and they are posting about all the great things going on in their lives on social media.

Stetson Bennett Net Worth
Stetson Bennett’s Net Worth

As a group, they have a lot of fun times together. Bennett’s Instagram handle is @stetsonbennettiv, and Stetson may be found there. His Instagram account has 27,000 followers, and he has posted 1,000 times on the site. He is also an Instagram user who has been checked out.

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Stetson Bennett Net Worth

Stetson Bennett’s work has given him a net worth of about $3 million. He has a lot of potential as a player and is giving this match his all.

Stetson Bennett Height & Weight

Stetson Bennett’s height is 5 feet 11 inches and their weight is 86 kg.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does Stetson Bennett make?

Jeff Hoffman of Everett Sports Management, who is the quarterback’s NIL agent, says that the quarterback is close to getting deals worth $1 million.

Does Stetson Bennett plan to return?

People thought that Stetson Bennett, a former walk-on quarterback for Georgia who helped the team win the national championship in January, would go off into the sunset. Bennett chose to come back for the 2022 season in the end. Last week at SEC Media Days, he talked about this choice.

What’s Stetson Bennett like?

Bennett played quarterback well. With an 86.7, he had the third-best score in the country. He was No. 4 in how well he passed the ball, and he was named Offensive MVP in both College Football Playoff games.

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