Eric Mumford Cause of Death

Eric Mumford Cause of Death: Husband, Biography, and More Updates!

On January 4, 2023, Lynn Toler, a judge in a divorce case, told the court that her husband, Eric Mumford, had died. When Eric Mumford died on December 23, 2022, he was 71 years old. The reason for his death has not been found. revealed so far. putting together this piece.
Judge Toler made the announcement on Instagram. He posted a video with the words “Eric Mumford BigE. From January 1, 1951, until December 23, 2022. I’m in a million pieces.”
The couple was together for 33 years, and their marriage was an example to many. The words “Beautiful Man. Both inside and out” were written on the video, and Anita Baker’s Sweet Love played in the background.
Lynn Toler met her husband, Eric Mumford, in 1986, and they got married on April 6, 1989. William and Xavier Mumford, who are now 30 years old, are the couple’s two sons. Eric Mumford had four kids from his first marriage as well.

Lynn Toler was famous all over the world for her 14 seasons as the judge on the courtroom TV show Divorce Court. In 2017, Judge Toler wrote in the Huffington Post that working with couples who were fighting saved her marriage to Eric “Big E” Mumford. She typed:

“Once I got over my anger, I began to deal with my own fears and learn how to talk to people in a good way. He did the same thing because he could see that I had changed in a way that was good for him. At first, it didn’t feel like it, but he got there in the end. Then, instead of fighting each other, we decided to fight the problem.”

Toler told people at the beginning of January 2023 that Eric Mumford had died on December 23, 2022.

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Eric Mumford’s Cause of Death Remains a Mystery

Judge Toler waited almost two weeks before he told everyone that Eric had died. Toler wrote, “I’m in a million pieces.” She said that Mumford was beautiful “on the outside and on the inside.”But she didn’t tell anyone what killed him. Eric and Toler had two sons together, Xavier and William. She also raised his other four sons from a previous relationship.”Now that we are more aware, our marriage is better,” Toler said. “We watch out for our different needs. We no longer act based on how we feel right now without thinking about what will happen in the long run. We chose to get married on purpose.”

Eric Mumford Cause of Death
Eric Mumford Cause of Death

Divorce court saved Lynn Toler’s Marriage

Lynn Toler was born in Columbus, Ohio, and is 63 years old. She is also the author of Making Marriage Work. She also was the host of the TV show Divorce Court for 13 years, until Faith Jenkins took over in March 2020. Even though not much is known about Eric Mumford, who was called “Big E” by Toler, it is said that he was an accountant who had retired.

They started dating in 1986, and after two years, they got married in 1989. On her anniversary in 2022, Judge Toler posted a carousel of photos on Instagram that showed how their relationship had changed over time. She also said that they were “ruthlessly married at lunchtime.”

He said that she had been married to Big E for 33 years and that they had been together for 35 years. He said there was no “happily ever after” and that the “journey” was what was important.

Big E had four kids from his first marriage, and he and Lynn Toler had two sons, William and Xavier. William Mumford-Toler works with sound, and his brother Xavier-Mumford Toler plays basketball.

Judge Lynn Toler has always been open about her personal life. In 2017, she wrote an opinion piece for HuffPost about her relationship with Mumford. She also said that Divorce Court saved her marriage, which was “off the road and stuck in the weeds” in its 19th year. This may seem like an exaggeration or voyeurism, but she said it was true.

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