Esther Musila Net Worth

Esther Musila Net Worth: How Much Does She Make A Year?

Esther Musila Net Worth: Esther Musila’s birthday is May 25th, and she was born in Kenya in 1970. She will be 51 years old this year. She has over a million subscribers and creates stuff professionally for YouTube. Esther has an impressive resume, having worked in a number of reputable institutions both in Kenya and internationally.

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Esther Musila Biography

On May 25th, 1970, Esther Musila was brought into the world. In the year 2022, Esther Musila will have reached the age of 52. She was born in Nairobi, Kenya, and has been producing content for YouTube for a number of years at this point. Her YouTube channel has more than 18 thousand subscribers. Esther Musila is a mother to three children who are currently 29, 26, and 23 years old respectively.

Esther Musila
Esther Musila

One of the most powerful and accomplished women in Kenya is Esther Musila. Many people believe that the Guardian angel fell in love with her because of the money, despite the fact that the Guardian angel has disputed the charges and stated that he did not fall in love with her because of the money. When it comes to riches, she is well off. Since she began her career in 2000, Esther Musila has been employed with the United Nations in the capacity of an international civil servant.

Esther spent a total of five years in the banking industry before becoming a member of the United Nations. In addition to this, Musila has experience working in the field of program management, namely in the field of sanitation in Nepal and Lagos. As I mentioned earlier, Esther Musila is a Youtuber, and a portion of the information that she posts on the platform is related to various health and exercise classes.

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Esther Musila Net Worth

Musila is a successful businesswoman who has amassed a considerable amount of personal wealth. For instance, Guardian Angel has had to justify to others that he is not participating in the connection for the sake of financial benefit. As of the time that this report was written, she had not disclosed either the precise amount of her net worth or the nature of the assets that she possessed. It is estimated that Esther Musila, a well-known Kenyan figure, has a net worth of between $100,000 and $800,000.

Esther Musila Personal Life

Esther Musila, a popular YouTuber who is 52 years old, is a mother to three of her own children. She is currently with Kenyan gospel artist Audiphaxad Peter Omwaka, with whom she has been in a relationship for some time (known professionally as Guardian Angel).

There is a significant gap in age between her and Guardian Angel, which is likely the reason why many of her admirers and followers have conflicting perspectives. There is a difference of 20 years between them since her partner is currently 33 years old. Despite this, both parties have declared their love for one another in front of others and are eager to take the relationship to the next level.

Esther Musila Relationship Timeline

The accomplished professional and gospel vocalist from Kenya are an item. Some people praised them for their friendship, while others pointed out that she was a lot older than Guardian Angel, causing a storm on social media. But they’ve declared their love for each other, and they’re going to live their best lives together, critics are damned. In the end, they don’t care about their ages so much as they do about their love for one another.

She discussed the circumstances of their introduction in an interview with Bonga Na Jalas. The song “Rada” moved her deeply as she drove to work, so she stopped and questioned Maina Kageni who sang it. After Maina identified the song as “Guardian Angel,” she listened to it again during her work shift in order to memorize the lyrics.

Because of the Covid-19 pandemic, both of them had to work from home, and it was during this time that they met and began to develop feelings for one another. Esther declared that her life was her own and that she would conduct herself accordingly. They were in the process of making Esther happy because, as she saw it, the time had come.

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